1st Roadrunner Singles Volunteer Night, Friday August 7th!

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Are you wanting to give back to your community in a fun way? Are you single or do you have family and friends who are single?

If you answer “YES!” to either question, then we at Roadrunner Food Bank want to invite you here to our FIRST EVER SINGLES VOLUNTEER NIGHT on Friday August 7th!

From 6-8 pm, not only can you meet new people in your area, eat tasty food, and take part in more than a few games, but you’ll also be giving back to us at Roadrunner! In fact, you’ll be helping us feed the more than 70,000 people we serve each week AND making new relationships of all kinds!

Who knows, you could be working with volunteers such as Rhodora LaRoche.  Rhodora is a native of Guam who has lived on the mainland United States for almost 20 years and is a recent Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) graduate. Rhodora first learned about Roadrunner through a CNM service learning class and found herself drawn to our mission of hunger relief. When she first served with us back in May, she told us,

“I’ve heard of all of the things you all do, and it just doesn’t cease to amaze me. It’s such a sweet way to help the community, and now working part-time to find full-time work, why not give some more time here?” Rhodora also mentioned wanting to bring together her other CNM friends and alumni for more group volunteering in the future.

With your service, you could also be helping clients such as sister and brother Ariana and Levi, ages 6 and 7 years old respectively. This past December at Barcelona Elementary School, they couldn’t stop thanking our staff and volunteers at their Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI) mobile food pantry.

“We don’t know when Mom can get food,” Ariana told us, “so we always feel happy coming here!”

To join Rhodora, to help children like Ariana & Levi, & to learn more and to register for this Singles Volunteer Night, contact info@rrfb.org or call 505.349.8909. Spread the word and we look forward to seeing you on Friday August 7th!

Photo from June 2015 Volunteer Group at Roadrunner’s Albuquerque Warehouse, University of New Mexico’s “Eating New Mexico” Course Instructor & Students

Photo Courtesy of Matthew “Matt” Young.


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