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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Freedom from Hunger

Freedom from hunger is a right due each and every one of our citizens.  Yet every week some 40,000 New Mexicans receive emergency and supplemental food from one of nearly 600 hunger relief programs in communities throughout our state because they do not have enough to eat (Hunger in New Mexico 2010).  These 40,000 New Mexicans include children who go to bed hungry at night, or parents who forgo their meal so that their children may eat, or out state’s elderly who find their monthly income is no longer able to cover their increasing expenses for rent, utilities, medical care, medications and food.  For many of these New Mexicans food becomes a discretionary spending item, and results in higher costs to our state for increased medical visits or hospitalization, or in the case of children results in stunted physical and cognitive development that robs both them and us of their realizing their full potential and their future contribution to our society

Map the Meal Gap

New research indicates that hunger remains high in New Mexico. The Map the Meal Gap study, performed by Feeding America, shows that 18.5% of the population in New Mexico is experiencing hunger. Among children 28.7% are experiencing hunger. The findings resulted from Feeding America’s “Map the Meal Gap” study, which provides estimates on the rate of hunger at the county and congressional district level for the entire nation. The study also looked at childhood hunger showing that 1 out of 4 of New Mexico’s children face hunger.

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