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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Hunger Action Month’s Haiku4Hunger

Surprise!  We are still continuing to inform you, our readers, about how you can get involved in Hunger Action Month.  There is just a little more than a week in September to take action. Won’t you take a few daily actions this month to be a part of Hunger Action Month? Local writer and poet Carlos Contreras has! In fact he came up with an entire writing project around Hunger Action Month which he is calling Haiku4Hunger.  He is encouraging his students and groups that he works with around Albuquerque to participate in Hunger Action Month by writing.  Contreras and other writers in the community are using hash tag #Haiku4Hunger in social media to increase awareness around hunger with the simple act of writing a haiku or story about hunger. The goal is to fill this wall with writings about hunger, eliminating hunger, and by simply taking some type of action this month to take part in Hunger Action Month.

You Are Never Alone

I had never really thought about the terms “food insecure” or “food scarcity” before I started working for Roadrunner this past July.  Sure, I heard the statistics about how New Mexico was the worst in the entire nation for hungry people and then one day it clicked – I had been one of those people who had sometimes wondered where or how I would get my next meal.  Wondering if I had enough in my “change cup” at home to buy a box of $.79 Mac and Cheese? Oh, and if I was lucky, maybe I had enough to treat myself and add hot dogs for another $.99?  As I anxiously counted out my change I thought to myself, “yes, success! There’s enough to add hot dogs to dinner for tonight.”  And then a sigh of relief as I knew at least I would have dinner. There were a few times in my life where I had to “visit” my change cup in hopes that I managed to somehow throw enough of my change in there to come in handy when I needed it.  During this time, I remember feeling stressed out and desperate at times.  I remember thinking to myself, “How do people do this? How did I end up here with no resources for food? It’s not supposed to be like this!”

The Color of Fall Gets a Boost of Orange

Have you noticed the change in temperature? Well, not necessarily during the day, but the evenings and mornings are starting to have that tinge of cooler air.  Fall is just about here. But the weather is just one way we know autumn is coming.  There is the smell of chile roasting and the leaves on the trees starting to change to colors of yellow, brown and orange.  All are definite reminders that fall is just about here. However, orange isn’t just a color of fall though. It is the color of Hunger Action Month.  Throughout September, Feeding America food banks across the country join together to increase awareness around the issue of hunger.  And as friends of Roadrunner Food Bank, we want you to join us and take action all month.  The ‘hunger actions’ you take this month can be big or small.  Volunteer, give, advocate and invite others to join you.

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