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Monthly Archives: January 2014

USDA to Provide More Produce For Hungry New Mexicans

Earlier this month, the USDA announced it will provide additional support to hunger relief organizations by purchasing up to $126.4 million worth of produce to be distributed through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) across the United States. The food is supplied to states for distribution through food banks and their network of partner agencies. With the expected influx of produce, USDA Regional Administrator William Ludwig felt it was important to visit states experiencing elevated hunger.  Ludwig visited Roadrunner Food Bank on Monday, January 13th. Ludwig oversees 15 federal nutrition assistance programs in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

A Mother’s Tears

It was a cold December day at the Rio Grande Food Project.  The holiday decorations were up in the waiting room.  Despite the wind, a good 25-40 person line had formed outside an hour before the food pantry opened. I was set up in the back at my table with my SNAP applications and pens.  Sitting next to me was Don from Safelink.  They administer the free government cell phone program. A young mother came up to my table with her little boy.  He was a cute kid about two years old with big brown eyes. “I need to find out about food stamps and getting a phone” she said.  Her little boy played with a toy car patiently and contently while his Mom talked to me. I started to explain a little bit about the application process and how I could help.

The Only “Bowl” Event that is a Win-Win

It’s the season of bowls.  The Rose Bowl. The Orange Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl.  However, there is only one bowl that results in a win for everyone involved – Roadrunner Food Bank’s Souper Bowl! Finally, at long last, our favorite bowl is here! This year’s Souper Bowl will be held on Saturday, January 25 and it brings together an amazing assortment of restaurants showcasing their most savory soups and delicious (and decadent) desserts.  This year about 45 restaurants will be participating in this event to help raise funds to continue Roadrunner Food Bank’s mission – to feed every hungry person today, seed partnerships that build self-sufficiency for tomorrow, and lead to achieve its vision of permanently ending hunger in New Mexico.

Give a Meal with Bank of America

It’s hard to believe another holiday season has come and gone.  During a time of year when people resolve to eat better, exercise or drop a bad habit, consider a resolution to help out your community. Start your resolution now by providing a gift of food to those in need through an extraordinary opportunity thanks to Bank of America. Bank of America has agreed to give a $2 donation for every dollar $1 received until January 10 to Feeding America OR their local food bank. What a great way to continue to help those in need for the coming year.  Donations can be made through www.feedingamerica.org/bankofamerica.  Keep your donation local by entering your zip code when prompted and “selecting the ‘Your Local Food Bank’ option” to direct your gift to Roadrunner Food Bank. One hundred percent of the donations designated to Roadrunner, as well as the corporate match, go directly to feed people right here in New Mexico.     This wonderful opportunity will allow you to triple your contribution and be part of solving hunger this winter and beyond. The winter months are especially hard for struggling families. Cold temperatures mean that utilities bills increase and many New Mexicans will be forced to choose between heating their homes and buying groceries.  But your gift to Roadrunner  through the Bank of America Give a Meal Program means that they can have a warm home and also have food on their table. Your donation is the crucial bridge between hunger and food, and for that we thank you! What a great way to show you care and triple your impact.  We thank you for your ongoing commitment to fighting hunger in New Mexico and wish a happy and prosperous 2014! Donna Marlow is the Strategic Giving Manager at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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