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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Fun and Easy Way to Feed Hungry People – Create your own Online Food & Fund Drive

Every year hundreds of organizations and individuals join our mission to end hunger in New Mexico by hosting a food & fund drive. In past years, this usually meant lugging a barrel to a store or office or special event and asking customers and co-workers to bring in canned and boxed food to fill up the barrel; then, lugging a heavy barrel back to the Food Bank and waiting days for the results. But in recent years the Food Bank has provided a fun and easy way to host a food & fund drive ONLINE!

The Neighbors Shoes, a Gym Membership and Food

Roadrunner Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry program will be celebrating its sixth birthday this June 17th and I had the extreme pleasure of working with the program from its start.  Over the years, as the program has matured, we have experienced many changes.  I recall showing up for our first, trial distribution, held at a trailer park sponsored by one of our current partners.  I got down from the truck (who knew I would be riding frequently in 53 foot tractor trailers!) and she asked me how the program ran.  I believe my response was, “Got any ideas?”  Now, almost six years later we went from a single distribution to 100 plus monthly mobile food pantries across our 16 county service area.

Chili’s Give Back Days for Hunger

Like we needed another reason to love Chili’s® Grill and Bar: from Feb. 17-20, all Chili’s locations in New Mexico will donate 15% of their net sales to Roadrunner Food Bank as part of their Chili’s Give Back Days for Hunger. It’s easy to participate – all you have to do is show up and bring your appetite. Be sure you mention why you are there.  You can either bring in the flier or mention to your server that you’re there to participate in the Give Back Days for Hunger, and the restaurants will take care of the rest. You’ll leave with a full stomach and a lighter heart.

Rrfb.Org x Dress-Lace Online Lace Dress

Rrfb.Org x Dress-Lace Online Lace Dress / Black Color/ Mesh Sleeves This rrfb.org x http://www.dress-lace.com clothing is a lovely black colored dress that is finished with a shiny effect. The material is a scuba fabric and there is a crew neckline on the top of the piece. The sleeves of the dress have lovely mesh inserts and they are t shirt length. The material is mesh on the sleeves and you are able to see the skin through, so you will look amazing when wearing this piece. There are very soft velvet feeling panels stitched into the fabric too, and this helps to enhance the feel of the dress allowing the wearer to stand out from the crowd. The back of the lace dress has a zipper to make it easy to fasten and take on and off, and you will not have to worry about makeup staining your clothing when you do so. It can be washed inside the machine and it is a very regular cut. The material is 100% polyester and the model in the picture wears a size 8 dress, and is 9 feet 5 tall.

Help the Boy Scouts Scout for Food

We love it when we see our favorite team ranked number one, or our favorite album number one on the charts.  But when we hear that New Mexico is ranked second for overall hunger across the United States and ranked number one for childhood hunger, we should be asking what we can do to help.  That’s what the Boy Scouts have asked and they are helping during their annual Scouting for Food Drive to collect food for hunger relief agencies across the state. On Saturday, February 8, Boy Scout troops will be located outside Smith’s grocery stores asking for donations of non-perishable food.  In the Albuquerque area, Boy Scouts will be collecting non-perishable food for Roadrunner Food Bank.  Or, your local scouting pack or troop may have left a bag with a flier last weekend asking you to leave out a donation of food for pick up by the scouts.  Either way, their efforts and time are all making a difference! It’s so simple to support this effort.  As you are shopping for your groceries, pick up a few extra cans of soup, fruit, vegetables or maybe pasta, rice or beans and on your way out of the store, give your extra purchases to the Boy Scout troop stationed right outside the store. Together the Boy Scouts and those important donations can help provide life-changing meals for hungry people.  With the help of these dedicated scouts and your donations, we can change New Mexico’s ranking and help make a difference in a hungry person’s life. Thanks for taking part and helping Scout for Food! Jennifer Kemp serves on the Food Bank’s Communications Committee as a volunteer.

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