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Monthly Archives: December 2014

They Look Like Us

When you picture a person who needs food stamps, what do they look like? I think there are some common images that are easy to conjure, and perhaps difficult to challenge. When I started my year as an AmeriCorps VISTA at Roadrunner in June, I thought I had a general idea of who a “typical” food stamp user would be. But after visiting a few food pantries and helping a couple of clients fill out the application for food stamps (now called SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), this assumption was rapidly and drastically proven false. Over the course of just a few months working in SNAP Outreach, I have assisted a wide range of individuals, coming from a myriad of circumstances, facing diverse challenges. I have helped a woman with three kids who, after leaving her husband the day before, did not know where to begin in picking up the pieces of the life she knew. I have assisted a senior who worked his entire adult life at the bakery of a grocery store, and could not fathom that he now had to depend on his granddaughter to drive him to a food pantry to get food.    

Bank of America Give-A-Meal Program: Working Together to Feed Those in Need

No one should have to face hunger, but for many families in New Mexico, hunger is a reality. It proves more than sobering to realize New Mexico ranks #4 for overall hunger nationwide and #1 in childhood hunger. Yet, even in the face of such odds, you can make a difference and feed those in need. A donation you make to Roadrunner Food Bank from now through December 31st has tremendous impact thanks to Bank of America. Through December 31st, for every $1 given by donors, Bank of America will donate $2 more.  To receive the match, donors can give here. Keep your gift local by entering your zip code and select “Your Local Food Bank” to direct your gift to Roadrunner Food Bank.

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