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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Triple the Impact of Your Support

Starting Oct. 16, Bank of America  will match your contributions to food banks across the United States through Dec. 31. For every $1 you donate, Bank of America will donate $2 more. To qualify for the matching gift, contributions must be made through this online link – www.feedingamerica.org/bankofamerica.  To keep your gift local and direct it to Roadrunner Food Bank, be sure to enter your zip code when prompted and select “My Local Food Bank.” Any gift made by individuals through the online portal will be matched up to $1,000 per donor and up to $50,000 per food bank. Nationally, Bank of America is providing this $1.5 million matching gift through Feeding America and their affiliated food banks.  Local food banks anticipate receiving matching gifts from the campaign in the Spring of 2018. For questions about Bank of America’s Give a Meal campaign, call 505.349.8682 or email sonya@rrfb.org. Note: The matching gift could be met before the Dec. 31 deadline.  Be sure to make your matching contribution in October or November to ensure your support is matched by Bank of America.

Fall Campaign to Solve Hunger

Join our Fall Campaign to Solve Hunger through the end of the year.  Your efforts help us ensure food is available in our warehouse well into 2018.  We invite you to contribute to our mission in a way that works for you, your family, or group.  From donating food items, to giving money, or volunteering, each gift helps us solve hunger. Donate Funds – We stretch your giving.  For every $1 the Food Bank receives, we are able to distribute 5 meals in communities across the state.  Imagine the impact your $25 gift has by providing 125 meals!  Donate through this link to help today! Or call 505.349.8909 to make a gift over the phone. Donate Food On Saturday, November 18, we encourage you to participate in the annual Letter Carriers Food Drive.  Simply fill a bag with non-perishable food and leave it near your mailbox. Perishable food donations (turkeys, hams, etc) should be brought directly to the Food Bank during business hours. Visit our food drive web page for helpful food drive tips.  To keep our fleet focused on delivering food into communities across the state, please bring any food items you collect during business hours. Contact Annamarie@rrfb.org or call 505.349.8921 with questions. Volunteer – Your gift of time ensures we can prep food being sent out to communities across the state.  Sign up for a 2-hour shift or more using our online appointment scheduling system.  Visit our volunteer page for volunteer hours, and information about bringing children to volunteer. There are lots of other ways to get involved and help this holiday season.  Sign up to receive updates by email here. Thanks for continuing to help us solve hunger for the 70,000 people in our state struggling to put food on the table. A special thanks to the following partners for helping raise awareness about how to get involved with us this giving season:  KOB TV, Smiths, 94.5 KKOB, 99.5 Magic FM, 92.3 Nash, and 93.3 KOBFM. We appreciate your support!

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