A Day of Giving Throughout New Mexico – May 6

Mark May 6 on your calendar!  As a way to commemorate 100 years of community foundations and to celebrate giving, hundreds of non-profits are joining together encouraging our New Mexico community to give a gift on the same day…May 6.

To make this day a success, we need your help.  Please give and help spread the about giving to your networks on social media, email, your website, or texting 10 friends to join you in this special day of giving. Every invitation you make helps spread the word and encourages philanthropy in our community.

It’s important to use this portal to give on May 6 – www.givegrandenm.org.  Be sure to check the leaderboard to see how your favorite non-profits are doing throughout the day on May 6 too!newmexico-1394138416_7723-final_give_grande_500px_web-transparent

More than 300 non-profits across our state have the potential to benefit from the generosity of our community.  Your benevolence truly is helping these non-profit accomplish so much.  It’s helping each of these non-profits in their mission to provide important and meaningful services to our most vulnerable neighbors.

For us here at Roadrunner Food Bank, your generosity during the May 6 Give Grande Day is providing important meals to hungry New Mexicans in communities across our state.  A child now has regular meals at home, can go to school and be able to participate in her learning. A senior is able to have his grandchildren stay overnight because he finally has food to fix them dinner and breakfast while they are visiting.  And a dad no longer has to skip meals because he’s been sacrificing and giving all the food to his growing children.

Each of those people’s lives was changed because a person in our community took the time to make a gift and changed a life.

Through your gift, we are able to stretch the number of meals we distribute.  For every $1 contributed on May 6, the Food Bank is able to distribute more than FIVE meals!

And this is just our example of people who your giving is helping and impacting on May 6.  Hundreds of charities provide transformative services for our fellow neighbors.  By taking part, you become part of a collective of people who are giving to make a difference and giving to change lives.

Together we can make a difference for our community by participating and Giving Grande on May 6. Hope you’ll join in!

Sonya Warwick is the Communications Officer at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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