A Day of Sun and Fun that Provides 35,000 Meals

Each August, on a usually beautiful sunny day, the New Mexico Grocers Association members converge on Santa Ana Golf Course. The members consist of independent chain grocery stores and companies that our connected to the New Mexico food business. There is lots of fresh air, fun and golf.

The wonderful thing about this event is that the proceeds of the tournament go to Roadrunner Food Bank. It couldn’t be more appropriate that New Mexico food companies help feed the less fortunate in the New Mexico.

This event has been going on for many years, and each year it grows in participation as well as the proceeds donated from the event.

This November Gene Valdez, Executive Director of the New Mexico Grocers Association, and his board presented Roadrunner Food Bank with a check for $7,200. Their hard work and diligent partnership for this event equates to 35,000 meals.

More than 250 member companies also donate excess and unsaleable food as part of our Food Rescue Program.  The rescued food last year totaled more 19 million pounds that was picked up by Roadrunner Food Bank for distribution to a network of hundreds of partner agencies including food pantries, shelters and other hunger relief organizations.  Every week the food picked up as part of the Food Rescue program helped nearly 40,000 hungry New Mexicans.

Thank you New Mexico Grocers Association and your membership!  We couldn’t do what we do without your generosity, your partnership and the food you provide to us!!

Julie Anderson is the Food Rescue Manager at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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