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Donate Your Vehicle to Roadrunner Food Bank


Donate Your Vehicle to Roadrunner Food Bank

There’s a brand new way to help feed New Mexicans in need — and at the same time support Roadrunner Food Bank’s mission to solve hunger. Donate your old or used vehicle and turn it into food to feed others in your community.

We accept all types of vehicles as donations: cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, off road vehicles, RVs – even boats with trailers! It doesn’t matter whether they’re running or not. As long as it’s in one piece, has an engine, a clear title, and is towable, we’ll take it.  Plus, you may qualify for a tax deduction on your vehicle donation.

What are some of the benefits of donating my vehicle to Roadrunner Food Bank?

  • Your donation goes directly to help us distribute food and fund new and existing programs at the Food Bank. Your old vehicle turns into meals to help feed your fellow hungry New Mexicans. Every $1 of your vehicle donation means we can provide up to 5 meals to those in need.
  • Donating your vehicle may be tax deductible in many cases, and may reduce your taxable income when taxes are itemized.
  • Avoid the costs associated with selling your car such as advertising, time, etc.
  • There is no loss of privacy or possible security risk.
  • There is no need to pay for vehicle registration, insurance, or repairs to keep your car in running condition while it is being sold.

Donating Couldn’t Be Easier. Call 844-371-GIVE or go to rrfb.org/cars.

To get the ball rolling, simply call us at 844-371-GIVE or visit us at www.rrfb.org/cars to tell us more about the vehicle you want to donate — we literally take everything from there.

After you contact us with a vehicle donation, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a pickup. Typically we can pick up your vehicle within 2 to 3 business days. But we’ll schedule whatever time works best for you.

After we pick up the vehicle, we’ll confirm when you can stop paying insurance on your old vehicle, and notify you when your vehicle has been sold. Once the vehicle is sold, we’ll send you a letter confirming the final donation amount, and a formal IRS tax receipt letter.

We Thank You in advance for your Generosity.

In the meantime, you can rest assured your generosity has already been put to work to help feed your hungry neighbors.

Turn your old car into food!

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