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2010 Green Initiatives

The Green Initiatives we completed in 2010

Warehouse Insulation and worker comfort. To create adequate and reliable summer and winter temperature control, we installed insulation on the ceiling of the warehouse. Additionally, we placed several large ceiling fans that quietly and efficiently keep the air moving so it pulls the warm air down in the winter and the cool air up in the summer. That, combined with things like screens over our dock doors, has gone a long way to making the warehouse more comfortable as well as more energy efficient.

Replacement of eight of our HVAC units. When we moved in, the condition of the various HVAC units were horrible. Some of the units were 20+ years old and inefficient from a heating and cooling standpoint. With the energy savings from the replacement, we estimate a return on investment in three years. With a typical lifespan of 15 years, these units will allow us to benefit from energy savings in years 3-15 of their lifespan.

Office and Warehouse Lighting. We replaced the lighting in the warehouse with high efficiency T5 lights and in our office space we added motion sensors to the lights so they are on only when people are present.  Last a small but powerful change was to change our exit signs with energy saving LED signs.

Replacement of our Old Washing Machine and Dryer. While this may seem insignificant, every day we wash and dry about 12 loads of laundry including lab coats that volunteers must wear when repacking food into smaller and family/individual serving sizes. With a washing machine that uses 1/20th of the water of our old machine and a larger, commercial dryer, we are now only doing two loads a day. Along with the energy savings, their commercial size allows for larger loads conserving water as well.

2010 Green Partners included:

Anonymous Donor
Laben Electric
PNM Foundation
Walmart Foundation
Yearout Mechanical

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