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2011 Green Initiatives

In 2011 we accomplished many Green Initiatives which are featured below.

Our Fleet.  Every year our trucks drive about 400,000 miles which is equivalent to driving around the world 16 times. This puts a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles.  To make sure we don’t drive any more then possible, we have installed embedded GPS modems on our fleet so we can create the best routing system possible saving fuel and time for our drivers.

Forklift Chargers.  We use several electric forklifts in the warehouse to move food and to load and unload trucks.  We replaced old battery chargers with highly efficient chargers which also come with timers so the recharging process can happen at night when we pay lower rates for electricity.

Cooler Door.  Our big cooler / freezer has several large doors to permit forklifts to come and go.  We replaced the external entrance door with a highly efficient, insulated, rollup door which opens and closes in just a few seconds.  The older door took 30-seconds to open and close thus allowing a lot of cold air to escape and wasting energy.

Freezer Lights.  We replaced a portion of the lights in the cooler and freezer with energy efficient, motion activated lights so they are on only when forklifts are operating in there.

Installation of a Solar Array. We now have a 5.7 KWH solar array on our roof thanks to a generous donation from several different organizations and coordinated by Affordable Solar. This will help supplement what we need from PNM’s grid and also earn us additional funds for each watt generated.

Food Waste and Recycling. With our recycling program, we try to maximize the value of the products. For things like cardboard and other recyclables, this means taking the time to separate food product from the packaging so it can be baled and then sold to a recycling company (generating funds for the Food Bank).  Food items that we inspect and deem are no longer appropriate to be consumed by a person are used to feed wolves from the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.  At this time, they have approximately 65 wolves and the meats and other grains from the Food Bank provides enough food to feed about half of their wolves.

Also, we partnered with the Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority who has a green waste recycling program that will accept the rest of our food waste. With significant changes to our warehouse processes and our ability to now sort and strip the food waste from the packaging we are able to recycle cardboard, all plastics, all paper, food, wood pallets and aluminum. We also accept separated recycling materials from several national agencies and aluminum from individuals. The Forest Service was the first agency to provide their recycling to us and helped us start the program. The money generated through this process should cover any expenses in our waste management process.  If your business or organization would like to prep and give the Food Bank your recycled products,  please contact Teresa Johansen or call her at 505.349.8897.

2011 Green Partners Included:

Affordable Solar
Bernalillo County Detention Center
Bernalillo County Water Authority
Focused Energy
NM Solid Waste Department
National Forest Service
National Roofing
PNM Foundation
Schott Solar

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