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2012 Green Initiatives

The third year of implementing our Green Initiatives had many milestones. Read about our 2012 Green Initiative accomplishments.

More Fleet Improvements. We received an EPA grant to further help us make our motorized fleet the most efficient possible.  We put fairings on our tractors and trailers which will result in fuel savings on our long haul trips.  The fairings can be transferred to new vehicles as we retire older ones.  We now have a standard tire on every vehicle as well as spares for the semi tractors and trailers.  Because they are low profile, they could provide as much as 2 or 3% fuel savings AND should help defray our tire costs for the next several years helping the budget out.

Last, we’ve electrified our docks at the warehouse and this will be a huge fuel saver as we move forward.  This means we can run a trailer reefer off less-expensive electricity instead of diesel. Not all of our reefers are designed to do this yet but as the fleet expands and we get newer vehicles, the value of this project will increase.

Landscaping. The “front yard” of our facility use to have grass that used a lot of water. We have xeriscaped over 25,000 feet which should reduce our water use significantly.

Freezer Lights.  We will be replacing more of the lights in the freezer with motion detector activated lights so they are on only when forklifts are operating in the freezers. This should complete all of the warehouse lighting projects.

Freezer Door.  Our 15,000 square foot freezer space has several big doors to permit forklifts to come and go.  After replacing the main cooler door last year, we have since replaced two of the 3 freezer doors with highly efficient insulated rollup doors which open and close in just a few seconds.  The other neat feature of this door is the fact that if hit by a forklift, it can put the door back on its tracks by itself as it opens back up.

Natural Gas Re-Seller.  We contracted with a natural gas re-seller which can provide our gas used for heating at a lower rate than PNM.

2012 Green Partners
Bernalillo County Water Rebate Program
Keep New Mexico Beautiful
PNM Foundation
PNM Rebate Program

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