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2016 Green Initiatives

solarPhase2In late 2015, an anonymous donor graciously provided funding for Phase II of the Food Bank’s roof replacement.  With the funding in place, the southern half of the Food Bank’s new warehouse roof was completed in the spring of 2016.

Both Phase I and Phase II of the roof installation took 4-5 years of planning and securing funds to replace the original roof on the warehouse.  With the new roof installed, it made sense to seek out opportunities to install solar right on top. A 366-solar array was installed on the northern half of the Food Bank’s warehouse in late 2015.  We estimate the second half of the southern installation of a solar array will take place in the summer or early fall months of 2016.

The picture to the right shows the completion of the roof portion of the installation on the southern part of the warehouse awaiting Phase II installation of the solar array.

Once Phase II of the solar array is installed, it is estimated the expanded array will provide:

  • 65-90 percent of the Food Bank’s energy needs
  • An estimated $2 million dollars in energy savings (equating to roughly 10 million meals) over the next 25 years.

The Food Bank leases the power from solar array through Affordable Solar, and is guaranteed a reduced price for its energy needs.  The roof-top array will help provide significant energy savings year after year. Through this special partnership, both Phases I and II of the roof-top array are being installed at the Food Bank at no cost.

In late 2015, Phase I of the northern half of the warehouse was completed.  For more information about Phase I, visit this link. Our partners in the roof and solar project have told our staff this is the largest roof-top array in the State of New Mexico.

Below you will find drone footage of the solar array, news stories which led to the completion of Phase II of the roof project, and the website which shows the real-time impact of the array and wattage generated.

If you are interested in learning more about our Green Initiatives or taking a tour, contact Teresa Johansen at 505.349.8897.

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