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Hunger Relief in New Mexico

Locals Helping Locals

They are our co-workers. They are children on their way to school. Our friends. Our neighbors. Today, the face of hunger is changing. Stereotypes about what types of people are going hungry are being shattered constantly.

Hunger is everywhere in New Mexico and can affect anyone. At Roadrunner Food Bank, we distribute more than 30 million pounds food every year.  Some of the food we distribute is food received from community food drives and community organizations.

Ways You Can Help

There are many ways you can help us fight to end hunger in New Mexico:

  • Organize a food drive through your employer, faith community, school or civic organization
  • Donate to our Food Bank online or through a recurring monthly gift
  • Volunteer at either of our Food Bank branch locations
  • Educate people in your community about ways to help us with our hunger relief efforts
  • Advocate on our behalf to our elected officials to help them understand the hunger problem in New Mexico

By helping us carry out our mission at Roadrunner Food Bank, you can bring hope to the hungry people of New Mexico. Every small action helps: a $1 donation can provide 5 meals for people in our community.

Donate Today

We are proud of the growth that we have seen in donations and support. In spite of that, we know our efforts aren’t reaching every person who needs assistance with food. For every person that receives our help, two people are not being reached. Contact us today to donate or to see how you can help.

Looking for more ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

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