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Hunger Relief: Food for Kids in New Mexico

Approximately 30% of children in New Mexico under the age of 18 are living in poverty and experiencing hunger. These children are at a higher risk of being undernourished due to the lack of food. Undernourishment in children can cause cognitive, behavioral and performance issues. Our New Mexico Food Bank understands feeding our children is necessary to building a better New Mexico.

Feeding Children: Our Food for Kids Program

One way we provide food to children in need is through our Food for Kids Program. Although free or low cost school meals are available to low-income children, some students return to school from the weekend hungry.  Many of our youngest neighbors do not have enough food to eat at home at night, or during the weekends. In response, we designed the Food for Kids Backpack program to provide ready-to-eat and easy-to-open meals so kids will be able to have access to food when away from school.

How you can Help

  • $45 you can provide 10 children with a backpack
  • $155 you can provide a weekend backpack to a child in need throughout the school year

Whether you make a one-time donation or a recurring monthly gift through our Roadrunner Club, you can help us provide important food and meals to 3,495 children every week. Pleasemake a donation today to help the children of New Mexico be able to concentrate on school instead of where their next meal will come from. Contact us today to help our hunger relief efforts!

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Call us at 505.247.2052 in Albuquerque or 575.523.4390 in Las Cruces for volunteer opportunities in New Mexico!

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