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Healthy Foods Center

hfc1The Healthy Foods Center is an onsite “medical referral” food pantry.  It allows clients experiencing hunger and a chronic illness access to healthy foods, nutrition education, resources and other services.  Designated health clinics refer clients to the Center based on their health issue and chronic food insecurity. Set up as a grocery stores, the Center allows referred clients to “shop” for items that contribute and promote a healthier diet helping reduce their chronic health issue and chronic hunger. The Center focuses on distributing fresh fruits, vegetables and providing access to  healthy food items.  Clients take the selected food items home to prepare meals.

SEED Activities

The Center also offers clients what Roadrunner Food Bank calls SEED activities.  These are additional “wrap around” services which bring access to: SNAP (food stamp) application assistance, medicare/caid application assistance, access to immunizations and other services. Plus, the Healthy Food Center also has access to volunteer dietitians and nutritionists to offer advice, recommendations, recipes, and other resources to help our clients foster healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families.

Providing SEED activities or wrap around services is one way we can address the many needs of our clients facing chronic hunger and chronic health issues.

Demonstration Kitchen
Inside the Healthy Foods Center, we provide an on-site demonstration kitchen. Partners like Kitchen Creations and ICAN program provide clients with nutrition education, recipes, cooking activities and information about how to prepare healthier meals to improve clients overall health.  Registered Dietitians also provide the Center nutrition education resources to share with clients.

Volunteer at the Healthy Foods Center

The Healthy Foods Center also is looking for volunteers to help during the four days the Center is open to clients.  Volunteers assist clients and families with check in, check out, client choice shopping, stocking activities, distribution prep and clean up.  Volunteer shifts are flexible and all volunteers will receive training prior to working in the Center.  Email shelbie.corriz@rrfb.org or call 505.349.5347 to schedule an appointment to learn more.

Health and Hunger

Health and hunger are two issues so many low-income families face in our community.  The Healthy Foods Center is here to provide healthy alternatives for families struggling with both.  Hunger research shows that those experiencing hunger have much higher rates of diabetes and hypertension.

To learn more about the Healthy Foods Center or becoming a referral health care clinic, email ProgramsSupport@rrfb.org or call 505.349.5353.


See inside the Healthy Foods Center in this short video below.

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