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Mobile Food Pantry in New Mexico, A Farmer’s Market Style Distribution

  The Mobile Food Pantry Program

  • The Mobile Food Pantry, a Brown Griego 03-09 (2)traveling food pantry which delivers nutritious food directly to hungry people in need.
  • The Mobile Food Pantry’s purpose is to bring food to areas with too few food programs or where food programs do not exist.
  • Started in 2008, the program brought millions of pounds of food to distribution sites over the years.  Last year, nearly 7  million pounds was distributed through the Mobile Food Pantry program to needy people and communities.

The Ease of the Program

  • The program is set up in a farmer’s market style distribution
  • The Mobile Food Pantry eliminates the need for large-capacity or long-term storage.
  • Mobile Food Pantry distributions are completed in approximately 2 hours and are typically held once a month at more than 100 sites across the state.
  • The Mobile Food Pantry provides a household with 50 pounds of food half of which are perishable food items like fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The program improves access to nutritious and healthy food in underserved areas.

How the Mobile Food Pantry is Helping Hungry New Mexicans

  • Last fiscal year, the program worked with about 150 sites and deliveredHeart's Desire 10-09 (15) - cropped food once a month to each location
  • Families with children represent a large portion of the clients helped through the program.
  • The Mobile Food Pantry has regular food deliveries in 16 counties we directly serve and has targeted communities with little access to grocery stores or other food programs

Bringing The Mobile Food Pantry to Your Community

  • Any organization, business or individual may sponsor a Mobile Food Pantry site such as non-profits, religious organizations, businesses, civic groups, individuals, and families.
  • Coordinate dates and logistics of your anticipated Mobile Food Pantry delivery with Roadrunner staff.
  • Select a site with good parking and accessibility for a tractor trailer.
  • The Mobile Food Pantry will deliver food directly to the distribution site.
  • Sponsors organize the location, volunteers, and tables to facilitate the food distribution.
  • Sponsors spread the word within the community about the scheduled delivery.

Questions?  Contact the Community Initiatives Team at 505.349.5365 or email ProgramsSupport@rrfb.org

How to Help

Every dollar you donate allows the Food Bank to distribute five meals to hungry people. With your help, our Mobile Food Pantry program is able to provide much needed food to hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans annually. Please give to Roadrunner Food Bank today. Contact us for more information and together we can solve hunger in New Mexico!

Looking for ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

  • Help Roadrunner Food Bank solve hunger by making a monthly donation – set up a monthly recurring gift.
  • Receive email from the Food Bank by opting in.
  • Learn about how to volunteer at the Food Bank –  click to register
  • Learn how you can serve in other ways by visiting our Take Action Page

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