Albertsons Market Takes Action to Solve Child Hunger

Hunger during the summer months is at its peak for low-income families and children in need. With children out of school for the summer, low-income families don’t have access to the national free and reduced breakfast and lunch program at school.  It means that low-income families do not have the ability to make up those extra meals they miss during the summer months.

Partners like Albertsons Markets are stepping forward and getting involved to help.  From July 1-31, Albertsons Market’s are taking action and helping solve childhood hunger this summer.  All month long, Albertsons Market stores will invite customers to make a donation at the register in any amount and match your support up to $15,000 this July.

  • Give at any participating Albertsons Market store in any dollar increment
  • Through this link or use the Donate icon below
  • Mail in a check to 5840 Office Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 and write Albertsons Market Match so your gift counts toward their match.

Thank you to Albertsons Markets and your customers for making a difference and helping us continue to solve childhood hunger this summer.


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