An Honor From Our Community

Earlier this month, Roadrunner Food Bank was honored in a very special way by Albuquerque Business First.  During a breakfast event among top-notch non-profit peers, local businesses, philanthropic community members and others, Roadrunner Food Bank was selected as the winner of the 2014 Non-profit of the Year Award in the Human Services category.

Award pic

(The lovely awards we received from Albuquerque Business First for being selected as an honoree and winner in our category.)

What a wonderful compliment from our community.  Our staff and board members couldn’t be more humbled.  Thank you!

But this award really isn’t about us.  It’s about our volunteers.  It’s about our donors.  It’s about each and every organization we partner with to distribute food in every county in this state.  And it’s about you.  You stand by our side, making our work a reality.  You give your time volunteering, you give funds to increase the amount of food leaving our docks every day, and you lend your voice to talk about our work with those closest to you.  This award is most definitely yours, too.  Without you, our work wouldn’t exist; it couldn’t exist.

With your support, we are able to ultimately fulfill our mission to help hungry people.  Their worry about food is eased.  Their stress finding resources to feed their children is lessened.  With the food you help us provide, you give the gift of peace of mind to hungry families.BadgeofHonor_Nonprofit_2014

(Our Non-profit of the Year Award in Human Services Ribbon Badge.)

To each and every non-profit honored and awarded, we express our sincerest congratulations.  Thank you for what you do in service to our community. Each of your organizations is participating in important work improving the lives of our fellow New Mexicans and helping them through difficult moments.

To read about each of the honorees and awardees, please click here.

Sonya Warwick is the Communications Officer at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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