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Tricks and Treats Benefit Roadrunner Food Bank

The other day I was thinking, “How can my family or others help give back to the community or maybe collect food?”  Well, come to find out there are so many ways to help give back. Here’s an example of how one family is giving back this Halloween. Let me introduce you to The Worrell Family. Each year they spend days and days as well as uncounted hours getting their house just perfect for some Halloween fun.  Yup, they love to celebrate Halloween and host a “fright night” on All Hallows Eve.  One unique twist to their annual fright night this year is asking trick or treaters to bring food as a donation for Roadrunner Food Bank.

Driving Home Last Week

So it is that time of year once again, I can’t believe it is already here; “Winter time.” Time for the weather to change and get colder, time for the leaves to fall off the trees, time to dress the kids warmer, time to change the air conditioner in our home to heat, time to think about the holidays, Oh the holidays! Lots of good food, tamales, posole and biscochitos, just to name a few. We gather with family and friends, and, oh, we can’t forget about the stress. As parents, we think about what gifts to get our children. But, there is something else we need to think about; how we are going to get more food to people that need food assistance during these cold months ahead. As I was driving home the other day I was passing a bridge and underneath was a blanket and a back pack. I thought to myself “that is the only place that person may call home and they may have left the bridge to find food for that evening. Does that person underneath that bridge have a family? Has that person ever had the opportunity to have the luxuries we have, a warm shower, food in our pantries at all times, clothes in our closet that we can choose from on a day to day basis.” There are so many homeless people standing in long lines just trying to get a bowl of warm soup from their nearby shelter. Unfortunately I see this first- hand working at the Food Bank and this has made me realize that hunger is even greater now.  We need businesses as well as organizations, churches and schools to work together and host food drives this holiday season as well as throughout the year. This will help people suffering from hunger in silence put food on tables and have mothers and fathers not stress about how they are going to feed their family or wonder what their next meal may be. The donations we received from food drives and our drop off locations throughout the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area are so important and we would not be able to feed as many people if we didn’t have the help of our community. So my final thought is this, Help, Help, Help. Help donate and give back to the community. It only takes a few minutes to give but it will change a person’s life in an instant. Annamarie Maez is the Food Drive Coordinator at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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