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Time Flies By

When I was younger, I never believed it when older people told me that the passage of time seems to speed up dramatically as the years go by.  Now that I am in my 60s I realize that they were not just right.  They actually understated the experience by a lot.  It is inconceivable to me that 2013 is right around the corner.  Another year has gone and it feels like a month has passed.  It really does! I’ve been thinking a lot about what causes this universal phenomenon.  I believe that when we accept our own mortality, we also realize that time is a precious commodity.  I know that I often feel an overwhelming sense of urgency about getting important projects done, and I sometimes become impatient with delays and obstacles.  Filling time with compelling work performed under deadline pressure makes time seem to fly by.

A Penny Equals $400

I think about inflation every time I fill my car up with gas.  I even think about inflation when I drive by a gas station or see a picture of one.  This obsession has nothing to do with me personally.  Filling up my small hybrid is infrequent and inexpensive.  What causes me to think about inflation every time I am near a gas station is the knowledge that a single penny of increase in the price of diesel has a $400 impact on the food bank’s annual budget. =$400     Roadrunner’s ability to feed hungry people drops by $400 every time the price at the pump goes up by only a penny.  And, even worse, every penny means that hungry people have less money in their pockets for food and other necessities.  Not only do people who are already having a tough time have to pay more at the pump, rising gasoline prices drive up the cost of almost everything else they need, including food.

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