Bank of America Give-A-Meal Program: Working Together to Feed Those in Need

No one should have to face hunger, but for many families in New Mexico, hunger is a reality. It proves more than sobering to realize New Mexico ranks #4 for overall hunger nationwide and #1 in childhood hunger. Yet, even in the face of such odds, you can make a difference and feed those in need. A donation you make to Roadrunner Food Bank from now through December 31st has tremendous impact thanks to Bank of America.

Through December 31st, for every $1 given by donors, Bank of America will donate $2 more.  To receive the match, donors can give here. Keep your gift local by entering your zip code and select “Your Local Food Bank” to direct your gift to Roadrunner Food Bank.

Your donation will lessen the burden and give peace of mind to our clients, whether they have 1 or 2 mouths to feed, or for an entire extended family. At a South Valley Library mobile food pantry on the Wednesday before this past Thanksgiving, we met Maria. Maria is a grandmother in her late 60’s who has to feed not only herself, but her daughter’s family as well. Over three generations to feed! Maria told us she cannot imagine how she could cover food for children and grandchildren at the end of the month without Roadrunner’s support.

This December, consider working with us and Bank of America to feed those in need like Maria and her family. Thank you!

Mom and boys

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