Be A Voice For Solving Hunger This 2016 New Mexico Legislative Session!


Did you know that the 2016 New Mexico Legislative Session officially begins next Tuesday, January 19th?

We would be more than grateful to have your voices as you join us in calling and e-mailing our State Representatives and Senators to support legislation and policies which solve hunger across New Mexico!

To find out who your State Representative and Senator is, visit the New Mexico Legislature website here:

To find out what advocacy actions you can take with us for the 2016 Legislative Session, visit our website at:

Together, we can solve hunger in New Mexico through our Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI), Senior Hunger Initiative (SHI), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Outreach, and other innovative programs! Still, we need your voice as a constituent and an anti-hunger advocate to continue the support of such hunger relief programs.

You can be a voice for a family like Ariel’s family in the South Valley of Albuquerque. Ariel is a 2nd-grader at Barcelona Elementary School. Her family qualified to receive food assistance through the CHI mobile food pantry at her school. Ariel’s neighbors nearby also receive food assistance via SNAP.  Now, they can count on extra support each month to stretch their dollars.

Yet, recent political efforts in New Mexico in recent years have sought to limit the availability of SNAP benefits to New Mexicans with real needs. Without your voice and thousands of other voices to support such programs as SNAP and others, even more New Mexicans would be plunged into hunger. Ariel’s neighbors wouldn’t know where their next meal comes from. Even Ariel’s family would receive cuts in critical benefits to receiving food. Your voice counts!

Thank you all and together, we can and we will make for a hunger-free New Mexico!

Photo Courtesy of University of New Mexico-Newsroom.

Matthew “Matt” Young is the Communications Coordinator at Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. To comment on this or other blog features, you can comment directly below; call Matthew at (505) 349-8845; or e-mail Matthew at 



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