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Making Room At the Table: Building Mental Health Through Fresh Produce, Part III

To read earlier installments of the “Building Mental Health Through Fresh Produce” series, visit our main blog page.

Granted, the Almas de Amistad study was a small sample size and follow-up studies need to be conducted to verify and replicate these results. Still, the Almas staff believe these results could prove pivotal within the Albuquerque community and beyond.


Making Room At the Table: Building Mental Health Through Fresh Produce, Part II

To read the earlier installment of the “Building Mental Health Through Fresh Produce” series, visit our main blog page.

Valerie Gurule, Administrative Assistant at Almas and chief liaison between Almas de Amistad and Roadrunner on food orders stated:

“Previously, the families we serve had been getting processed, lower-nutrition foods because of their limited budget. The services provided at Almas are funded through a federal grant and there is no budget for food. We had few to no options with acquiring healthy foods, fruits and vegetables to meet the need.”


Making Room At the Table: Building Mental Health Through Fresh Produce, Part I

*NOTE: This is the first of a three-part blog feature. Stay tuned over the next two weeks to learn more about building mental health through fresh produce.

“It’s amazing what providing heathy food will do for people.”

From Valerie Gurule, Almas de Amistad-Amity Foundation

Could providing healthy food and fresh produce and reducing food insecurity improve mental health?


1st Roadrunner Singles Volunteer Night, Friday August 7th!

ArianaandLevi EatingNM2

Are you wanting to give back to your community in a fun way? Are you single or do you have family and friends who are single?

If you answer “YES!” to either question, then we at Roadrunner Food Bank want to invite you here to our FIRST EVER SINGLES VOLUNTEER NIGHT on Friday August 7th!


Saving New Mexico’s Food from Waste: An Act of Justice


A recent PBS NewsHour-NPR report highlighted a growing reality across the United States and one growing in New Mexico. According to one of their sources from a 2014 Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report, “anywhere from 1 percent to 30 percent of farmers’ crops don’t make it to market.” Furthermore, “eighty percent of our water, 10 percent of our energy, 40 percent of our land is used to grow our food.” In New Mexico alone, food waste ranks in thousands upon thousands of pounds each year. Yet, as food waste seems inevitably to be mounting, so are innovative programs to resolve this heaping problem, nationwide and here in New Mexico with Roadrunner.


National Dairy Council Grant Updates!


Back in January, Roadrunner received a generous $10,000 grant from the National Dairy Council. Thanks to such funding, Roadrunner granted cold storage to 20 agencies because 7 of these agencies had no cold storage prior to the grant.


Making Room At the Table, Part II


USDA-FNS Undersecretary Kevin Concannon,  Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico, & Morgan Stanley:

Making Room At the Table for Policymakers & Hungry Communities Alike

“The reality of hunger should challenge us to go beyond sanitized words and actions, and should inform our community and our political leadership to continue taking vital steps towards hunger relief across the country.”


Celebrate Favorite Men In Your Life & Support Roadrunner This Father’s Day!

 On Sunday June 21st, you have the opportunity to not only celebrate your father, grandfather, and other favorite men in your life this Father’s Day. You can also help Roadrunner in our mission of feeding and empowering more than 70,000 hungry New Mexicans every week. These include many fathers who are doing their best to support their children, their families.


Making Room At The Table, Part I

Making Room At The Table, Part I:

Come To The Table: Seeing Hunger As A Health Issue

“We are driven to sustain a process of building healthier communities one life at a time, through safe, high-quality services, exceptional experiences, and seeing hunger as a community health issue.”

Dr. Randy Oostra,

President & CEO, ProMedica


Senior Hunger Initiative (SHI) in Las Cruces

Here in Las Cruces, May has been a very exciting month! On May 6th, we had our first SHI (Senior Hunger Initiative) distribution here in Dona Ana County. This distribution was one of three SHI sites that will be in Dona Ana County soon. This particular SHI is located at one of the senior homes in Las Cruces.


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