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.0033rd of an Acre

Sometimes all the pieces fall in place when you try to do something that will help people.

Roadrunner Food Bank had considered putting together a small, community garden pilot project for a few years.   We thought the best approach was to find a food pantry with the ability to plant a garden.  Produce grown on site could be given out to clients attending the regular food pantry distribution.   As great as this sounded, we knew that this would simply supplement the regular food boxes.  The clients would get some wonderful locally grown vegetables, but not much else. (more…)

Forest Service Employees Pick Fresh Fruit for Families in Need

The cherry and apricot trees in La Luz, N.M., were still loaded with fruit when a group of U.S. Forest Service employees joined forces with Roadrunner Food Bank and La Montanita Co-op last week to glean fresh, healthy produce for people in need.

Our hosts at the Nichols Ranch and Orchard gave us the opportunity to pick 1,000 pounds of cherries and apricots as part of the Feds Feed Families campaign, a national initiative to help food banks and pantries stay stocked during the summer months when they traditionally see a decrease in donations and an increase in need. (more…)

Giving in the Heat of Summer Helps People and Families, Such as Viola’s

AquariumThis summer, staff of the Food Bank have been attending The Peak’s Free Summer Fun Roadshow event as part of a joint effort to raise food and awareness around the issue of hunger.  The Peak has provided their Free Summer Fun Roadshow events along with each site for FREE and asked that attendees bring in non-perishable food donations for the Food Bank.  It is an easy way to give, address the growing hunger situation in our state, and enjoy some fun at the same time. (more…)

We All Need A Little Help Sometimes

Imagine that you are a single mom of two and also care for your young niece.  You had a job, but have recently been laid off.  You are falling behind on your electric bill, and your natural gas has already been shut off.  You don’t have much gasoline left in your car.  You’re left with just a few boxes of cereal, a pound of hamburger, and some condiments – aside from that, your refrigerator and pantry are bare.  That is the situation that Denise found herself facing.

I’ve been an employee of the Food Bank for about six weeks now, and just yesterday had the opportunity to attend my first food box distribution.  In Albuquerque’s South Valley, The Holy Family Parish is one of our largest partner agencies and gives food to hungry families through a twice-weekly on-site pantry and a monthly Mobile Food Pantry.  At yesterday’s Mobile distribution, I accompanied three of our AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteers and three members of Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham’s staff to help with our SNAP Outreach program. (more…)

Prepared Food Rescue is Growing at Albuquerque Events

You might ask yourself what Breaking Bad, ballooning and baseball could possibly have in common.  Well, they are all part of the story of how prepared food rescue is feeding the hungry in Albuquerque.

While filming the television series Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, actor Bryan Cranston approached Mayor Richard Berry about the idea of rescuing leftover food items from the on-set catering to feed New Mexico’s hungry.  Mayor Berry and Ann Lerner of the City of Albuquerque’s Film Office loved the idea!  However, because the show was nearing the end of shooting, food from Breaking Bad was never rescued – but the concept had taken hold! (more…)

Enjoy a Meal at Chili’s and Help Feed the Hungry!

Like we needed another reason to love Chili’s® Grill and Bar –  from June 16-19, all Chili’s locations in New Mexico will donate 15% of their net sales to Roadrunner Food Bank as part of their Chili’s Give Back Days for Hunger.  You can enjoy sizzling fajitas and a sweet dessert knowing that you’re indulging for a good cause!

It’s easy to participate – all you have to do is show up and bring your appetite.  Be sure to mention that you are there as part of Chili’s Give Back Days for Hunger.  You can either bring in THIS FLIER or mention the Food Bank to your server – the restaurants will take care of the rest.  You’ll leave with a full stomach and a light heart. (more…)

Introducing Childhood Hunger Initiative!

As you are all aware, Roadrunner Food Bank has developed a new strategic direction: FEED, SEED, and LEAD.  A key part of the new direction is to feed more households effectively and with a greater impact on overall food insecurity.  We have looked at our programs and evaluated whether they fit with our strategy and, if not, what we could do to align them.

We spent countless hours evaluating our Food for Kids (FFK) program and decided that after 15 years, it was time to evolve.  After hearing multiple reports from our FFK coordinators about entire families sharing the backpack and examining best practices of sister food banks across the nation, we have decided that the best way to feed a hungry child is to feed a hungry family.  Thus, the FFK program has evolved into our Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI). (more…)

Feeding the Hungry, Educating Children and Reducing Waste – CSA The Galloping Grace Way

My name is Max Wade, and I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Galloping Grace Youth Ranch in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  We operate a Sustainable Urban Agricultural Education Center focused on cultivating healthy children today, so they can harvest a healthy society tomorrow.  It is my passion to introduce and educate children in our community about the wonders of agriculture and the importance of the food produced by this industry.

Over the past 75 years, our society has become drastically disconnected with the origins of our food.  When asked where their food comes from, the majority of our children would say the grocery store.  It is my belief that our children, the future leaders of our world, must understand the importance of what it takes to produce the food needed to feed a hungry nation.  Even more importantly, it is essential that they understand the current issues of food waste in our country.  Right here in the United States, we throw away 40% of all the food produced annually in our country.  This is a devastating realization considering we live in one of the most food insecure states in America. (more…)

Companies and Employees Giving Service

Giving back comes in so many forms. Whether one gives monetarily, or gives in terms of hours served, it all adds up cumulatively to make a difference for non-profits and the people they serve.  And at Roadrunner Food Bank it is no different.  Last year, about 12,000 people took the time to come and volunteer here at the Food Bank at least once.  Many come three or four times a week, donating tens of thousands of hours of service over the course of a year to make our mission a reality for hungry people across the state who count on the Food Bank for meals for their families.

One group that we don’t talk about enough is our corporate volunteers. (more…)

Help Us Solve Senior Hunger During Older Americans Month

I had the unique and rewarding opportunity to care for my grandparents for a number of years.  They were both in their 80s and in failing health.  I helped them around the house, and I assisted in managing their medications and with personal care.  This experience greatly impacted who I am today and allowed me to see firsthand the struggles that older Americans encounter.

The financial burdens our seniors face are daunting.  With most seniors on a fixed income and the cost of living perpetually rising, even retirees who earned good salaries and budgeted well are seeing their savings dwindle and, in many cases, disappear.  Government assistance programs, such as Social Security, are often not enough, and many seniors lack adequate resources to make ends meet.  From housing and utilities, to gasoline and food, necessary expenses mount up quickly.  The high costs of healthcare, medical devices, and prescription medications hit older Americans particularly hard, cutting deeply into their limited budgets. (more…)

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