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Thanksgiving Gratitude from Dennis Gray


As come closer to Thanksgiving Day, we at Roadrunner Food Bank have many people and things to be grateful for this year.


Letter Carriers Food Drive This Saturday November 21!

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Help Roadrunner Food Bank raise hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to help feed our hungry neighbors across New Mexico this Saturday November 21 with the Annual Letter Carriers’ Food Drive!


Green Initiatives: A New Roof and Solar Array

In 2015, Roadrunner Food Bank joined a growing number of organizations across New Mexico and across the country who are harnessing solar energy to diversify their energy portfolios, save money, and ultimately be stronger energy stewards.


Thank You, New Mexico Grocers Association!


Thanks to the continuous generosity of the New Mexico Grocers Association, Roadrunner Food Bank can provide tens of thousands of additional meals for our hungry neighbors statewide!

On November 4th, Gene Valdez and other representatives of the New Mexico Grocers Association gave $10,000 raised from this past summer’s New Mexico Grocers Association Golf Tournament.

“We are more than honored to continue working with an organization like Roadrunner,” Gene said, “and especially an organization with such capacity to make a strong impact statewide in solving hunger.”

“To know that we can now make 50,000 additional meals possible for those hungry in our communities statewide is more than exciting,” Roadrunner Chief Development Officer Wally Verdooren shared.

Thank you, New Mexico Grocers Association, for continuing to stand on the side of hungry children, families, veterans, seniors, and those in need across New Mexico!

To learn how you can give towards Roadrunner Food Bank through our 2015 Holiday Food & Fund Drive season through Smith’s Food & Drug and other community partners, you can visit our Holiday Food & Fund Drive website here.

Photo of New Mexico Grocers Association Representatives, Roadrunner Chief Development Officer Wally Verdooren, & Roadrunner Food Rescue Manager Julie Anderson, Taken November 4th, 2015.

Matthew “Matt” Young is the Communications Coordinator at Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. To comment on this or other blog features, you can comment directly below; call Matthew at (505) 349-8845; or e-mail Matthew at matthew.young@rrfb.org. 

Giving Your Time During This Season of Giving

As we enter in full force our 2015 Holiday Food & Fund Drive season, one of the most invaluable gifts we can receive at Roadrunner would be volunteer time. To give you a sense of how far-reaching our volunteer network has been growing and to inspire you to consider volunteering here over the coming weeks, we wanted to share a story from one volunteer group earlier this year.


The Power of Individual & Community Giving


We are always in awe of the scale of how much individual, corporate, and community support makes it possible to serve more than 70,000 people each week across New Mexico!


This includes food as nutritious and invaluable as pinto beans, which we recently received totaling to hundreds upon hundreds of pounds’ worth of pinto beans in our warehouse. Thanks to the community giving of Walmart and their Distribution Center and various other operations across New Mexico, we rescued 9 million pounds of fresh produce last year! This comes from a total of more than 21 million pounds of total food rescued!

Across the way from these towers of beans, a crew of volunteers were weighing and repackaging dried pinto beans in one of our repack rooms earlier this week.

One of these volunteers, 4th-year The University of New Mexico – UNM student Aleena, turned out to be fulfilling community service hours through a Family Studies course. On her 5th service day with us, she shared with us,

“You all make it so easy AND rewarding to volunteer here and I honestly had no idea until my first day here of how much food you share out to people!”

Thanks, Aleena, thanks to all of our volunteers, and to all of our individual and community partners together solving hunger across New Mexico!

You can also help by giving to us and further supporting the work of our volunteers, our staff, our community partners, and every one of us who tirelessly seek to solve hunger across New Mexico. To learn more, visit our “Give Now” page and thank you!

Photo of UNM Student, Aleena, Taken On October 19th, 2015 & Courtesy of Matthew “Matt” Young

Matthew “Matt” Young is the Communications Coordinator at Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. To comment on this or other blog features, you can comment directly below; call Matthew at (505) 349-8845; or e-mail Matthew at matthew.young@rrfb.org. 









Bank of America Give-A-Meal Program: Working Together To Feed Our Neighbors



No one should have to face hunger, but for many families in New Mexico, hunger is a reality. It proves more than sobering to realize New Mexico ranks among 10 states nationwide for having the highest overall hunger rates and #4 nationwide in childhood hunger. Yet, even in the face of such odds, you can make a difference and feed those in need. A donation you make to Roadrunner Food Bank from now through December 31st has tremendous impact thanks to Bank of America and Feeding America.


Rural Child Hunger Capacity Institute in New Mexico

All too often, children from low-income families in rural areas in New Mexico have trouble getting enough food to grow up healthy and find success.  Did you know 17% of rural households are food insecure?


Thanks to Everyone Who Made #Spoontember 2015 Rock!

Now that September has moved on and we find ourselves in October, we wanted to thank all of you and the business, families, organizations, volunteers, agencies, & more groups who took our #Spoontember challenge and raised hunger awareness with us and food banks nationwide this #HungerActionMonth!


Make This #HungerActionMonth Count!

“Years ago, we were the ones receiving food and now we feel obligated to return the favor, give back, and prove that no matter your  background, your life story, you can step up and help people out.”


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