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Making Room At The Table: Building Mental Health Through Fresh Produce, Part II

To read last week’s Part I of “Building Mental Health Through Fresh Produce,” visit back to our story link here.

Valerie Gurule, Administrative Assistant at Almas and chief liaison between Almas de Amistad and Roadrunner on food orders, described what had been the past circumstances for Almas de Amistad to order food:

“Previously, the families we serve had been getting processed, lower-nutrition foods because of their limited budget. The services provided at Almas are funded through a federal grant and there is no budget for food. We had few to no options with acquiring healthy foods, fruits and vegetables to meet the need.”


Help Fill Empty Plates

For most of us, cookouts make some of the best summertime memories. Everyone has a plate filled to the brim with delicious food! No one gets left out.  And a gift to Roadrunner Food Bank ensures that none of our hungry neighbors get left out either.

We help neighbors like Luis.  He works in construction 60+ hours a week, but doesn’t earn enough to make ends meet most of the time. His wife, Ana, stays home to care for their three young children because the cost of daycare would eat up her entire paycheck and part of his.

Money is tight and Ana reminds her kids to limit how much they put on their plates. Her oldest bravely said, “Don’t worry, Mama, I’ll just chew longer so it seems like more food.”

Luis and Ana are so relieved to know there is food available for their family when they need it. They even return any items they can’t use.  Luis told us, “We know many others are desperately in need of a helping hand.”

Please help with a gift today so we can fill empty plates and expand our reach to feed more of our hungry neighbors. 

Thank you for being a part of our Food Bank family and thank you for giving!

Making Room At the Table: Building Mental Health Through Fresh Produce, Part I

*NOTE: This is the first of a three-part blog feature. Stay tuned over the next two weeks to learn more about building mental health through fresh produce.

“It’s amazing what providing heathy food will do for people.”

From Valerie Gurule, Almas de Amistad-Amity Foundation

Could providing healthy food and fresh produce and reducing food insecurity improve mental health?


1st Roadrunner Singles Volunteer Night, Friday August 7th!

ArianaandLevi EatingNM2

Are you wanting to give back to your community in a fun way? Are you single or do you have family and friends who are single?

If you answer “YES!” to either question, then we at Roadrunner Food Bank want to invite you here to our FIRST EVER SINGLES VOLUNTEER NIGHT on Friday August 7th!


Thank You for Helping Us & Midas Drive Out Hunger!

Even during the heat of the midday hours on July 1st, our awesome Albuquerque community came out to show how passionate they are to ‪#‎DriveOutHunger‬, ‪#‎1Mile1Meal‬ at a time!

With the gracious support of Midas Albuquerque and Midas National, we received $3,800 in monetary donations and more than 2,500 pounds in nonperishable food donations to help feed our hungry neighbors across New Mexico! Thousands upon thousands more meals we can now provide.

“You know what I love about this day?,” Midas Franchise Business Consultant Bret Foster shared. “I love that the Midas brand and Roadrunner together can facilitate something to give back to our local communities!”

For the next 10 days, you can incorporate #1Mile1Meal into your social media and Midas will donate more food & meals to us and other food banks across the country!

Many thanks to Midas Albuquerque, Midas National, the Albuquerque Fire Department, Orbit from the Albuquerque Isotopes, KZRR Radio, and to one rocking and generous Albuquerque community for making #DriveOutHunger such a success!

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