Your Outdoor Activities Could Earn Funds for Charity

Get your exercise in and help charity at the same time.

Roadrunner Food Bank’s national organization, Feeding America, is one of several charities that benefits from a program called Charity Miles.  It is a free iPhone and Android app that empowers people to earn money for charity while exercising. When you turn on the app and walk, run or bike you can earn money for charity.  Simply choose one of the app’s featured charities. The app will track the participant’s distance and earn money for their charity of choice.

Bikers earn 10¢ per mile; walkers and runners earn 25¢ per mile.

When you select Feeding America, Roadrunner Food Bank will receive a portion of revenue generated by the Charity Miles app when it is used in New Mexico.

Here are the links to the iPhone or Android app. Test it out today and try it out! Visit for additional details. Post your progress on your own social media sites and the Food Bank’s social media sites too!

Thanks for selecting your miles for Feeding America and in turn Roadrunner Food Bank! Happy Trails!

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