Chili’s Give Back Days for Hunger

Like we needed another reason to love Chili’s® Grill and Bar: from Feb. 17-20, all Chili’s locations in New Mexico will donate 15% of their net sales to Roadrunner Food Bank as part of their Chili’s Give Back Days for Hunger.

It’s easy to participate – all you have to do is show up and bring your appetite. Be sure you mention why you are there.  You can either bring in the flier or mention to your server that you’re there to participate in the Give Back Days for Hunger, and the restaurants will take care of the rest. You’ll leave with a full stomach and a lighter heart.Chilis Poster for Give Back Days - Feb 2013 - Regular Paper Size

I’m glad that partners like Chili’s are stepping up to help us change the hunger story in New Mexico. Do you know that New Mexico is ranked second in the country for people who are experiencing hunger? What’s worse is that our state is ranked FIRST in the number of children who are going hungry. These aren’t numbers I’m proud of.

To change these statistics, more people need to get involved and take action. What may seem like a small gesture to help people in our community is actually a simple way to make a big difference. Participating in events like the Chili’s Give Back Days for Hunger are great ways to get started. The money Roadrunner and other food banks in the state will receive from this event will help feed thousands of people in our state right away.

I encourage you to share this event with as many people as you can. Post it to your Facebook page, e-mail your friends and family and invite your coworkers. The more people show up, the more people Roadrunner can feed!

Annemarie Ciepiela Henton is a volunteer who serves on Roadrunner Food Bank’s Communication Committee.

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