Composting and Recycling, Doing our Part

My wife and I recently moved to the East Mountains and found a local waste disposal company. I called up and ordered weekly pick up for approximately twenty dollars a month. After a week I called back and cancelled the service. You may ask what happened. The answer is fairly simple, we recycle and compost. After dealing with the materials that were left from our moving process, which were recyclable, we had very little trash that my wife and I accumulated throughout the week. I was able to give up a 40 gallon container because with our recycling and composting we generate about 2 plastic shopping bags of trash every three weeks.

Now we managed to save about $15 a month on trash costs. Roadrunner on the other hand has managed to save $65,000 by recycling and composting. I bring my recyclables to the Food Bank and they make money off of them. Roadrunner can accept clean recyclables and turn them into savings and food. Roadrunner recycles all plastics, all paper products, cardboard and aluminum. The items are then bailed and sold to a local recycler. The money gained is put back into our operating costs, thus freeing up money to be used for purchasing food. The food waste that is generated from non-edible food products is now composted and saves money on our trash costs.

Learn about the Food Bank’s recycling program here. If you are interested in recycling with Roadrunner please contact us.  Your recycling efforts with the Food Bank can put meals into the mouths of hungry people across the state.

Lars Stendera is the Recycling Supervisor at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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