Double Your December Donation

PNM LogoWhen most people think of philanthropy, they think of big-name foundations and corporations as the “heavy hitters.” They assume that the bulk of charitable giving comes from large organizations and businesses. We are all used to seeing corporate logos displayed at fundraising events, on materials, and in annual reports, so it makes sense that we assume this.

While giving from these donors is vital for social services, arts and education non-profits, it is individuals donors, by far, who represent most of philanthropy here and abroad. In fact, 73% of all philanthropy nationally is comprised of individual and household donors – donors just like you and I who enjoy supporting causes that are close to our hearts.

When organizational and individual donors come together, however, the results can be especially powerful. Many of us, for example, have picked one product at the grocery store over another because we know that company gives some of its profits to a good cause.

During the month of December, PNM is matching donor gifts up to $32,000. We think this is a beautiful example of how an organizational donor can complement individual giving. PNM’s match basically doubles the impact of a charitable dollar, and because Roadrunner can distribute five meals for every dollar raised, the impact is even more impressive.

To give to Roadrunner Food Bank this month and participate in PNM’s generous match, go to Thanks to a gift from PNM, your gift will go twice as far.

Stephanie Miller is the Director of Development at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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