Email – Hope You Read Past Our Subject Line

Many of us receivpicture that reads, "You've Got Mail."e tons of email.  The dial up tone that used to greet us with, “You’ve Got Mail” no longer says those three words and most of us no longer “dial up” to access our email.  Nowadays, we are notified immediately about the barrage of email waiting in our inbox with a ding on our mobile phone or a pop up on our computer.

And yes, just like you, my inboxes are full of email and awaiting my attention.  Some require a reply and many others are junk that don’t need any action at all (other than sending it to the trash folder).  And still other email that I receive have information or content that sparks an interest to read this blog or that blog or read about updates on the latest news or trends happening in my field.

How do we decipher through it all and quickly? How do we get at the core of what needs our attention or captures our interest to investigate the content more in depth?  That is a tough one, probably for most of us, and from week to week or day to day what captures our attention is different.

And, on the picture of a letter with a large E depicting electronic mailother end of things, there are those of us that are creating that content with limited time and budgets trying to engage a reader past the subject line.  Yup, I’m one of those too.  I’m the one at the Food Bank that is part of the team that ensures you receive regular email from us (if you have opted into our e-communications of course). Whether it is news and updates of things happening at the Food Bank or an email asking you to consider a monetary gift to the Food Bank…that is part of my work here too.

So, I guess what I’m asking is…have you made the Food Bank’s e-communications part of those emails that get opened and read?  Are we giving you relevant and important content that you want from us? Or, if you don’t currently receive email from the Food Bank, have you considered signing up to receive email updates from us?

If you are regularly receiving email from us, tell us what content you want to read when you open an email from us.  What stories and information from the Food Bank will get you past the subject line? If you like what you are reading in the email we send you, tell us what you like about our e-communications to you. You can use the “Leave a Reply” button at the bottom of this post.

But if you haven’t opted in to receive email from us, we hope you consider signing up to receive regular email updates from us.  You can register from our home page or at this link.  Once you start receiving email from us, tell us what you like or what you would like to see changed or improved.

Your support is important to us.  And one way we communicate ways to support Roadrunner Food Bank is through email.  We want the information you receive from us to be relevant, interesting, useful, helpful and something you’ll take an act upon.

For those of you that have been receiving email from us for years and taking that action, we want to thank you.  Time is precious, and we are grateful to have some of yours!

Sonya Warwick is the Communications Officer at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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