Ending the Year with a Good Memory with Twice the Impact

As 2013 comes to a close we tend to think back over the year and remember the things that happened in our lives that were the most meaningful.  Often it’s the negative or difficult events that stand out the most.  That’s just human nature because we are hard-wired to be problem solvers I think.

I’ve also read (probably in one of the magazines that pile up in our house each month) that for any experience, regardless of its duration, we most strongly remember whatever feeling we had about it during its final minutes.  So for example, if you have a tough workout but end with something that is enjoyable, like a gentle stretch or praise from your trainer, your overall memory of that session is pleasant, even if your muscles were screaming for most of it.

Here at Roadrunner Food Bank we have an end-of-year opportunity that will be sure to make your overall memory of 2013 a good one.  Between now and the end of December, Lovelace Health System is helping us double every gift we receive up to $33,000 total.  That means that a donation has twice the normal impact.  If $50 normally allows Roadrunner Food Bank to distribute 250 meals, with Lovelace Health System’s generous help, we can distribute 500 meals, which should make anyone feel pretty good.


I can’t think of a better way to end 2013 on a positive note than by helping to feed twice as many hungry people.  I hope you and your family will finish 2013 with the kind of positive events that are destined to become good memories for many years to come.

Stephanie Miller is the Director of Development at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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