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Food Assistance

If you, or someone you know, need help with food, do not hesitate to contact Roadrunner Food Bank in New Mexico for a food referral. We distribute food to hundreds of organizations across the state and maintain a list of partner agencies where New Mexicans are able to access food. When you call our food referral line, we will provide contact information for three to four partner agencies we work with in any New Mexico community.

Our Food Assistance Programs

Roadrunner Food Bank has several food assistance programs that you may qualify for if you are experiencing hunger. Through our food referral program, we can help people throughout New Mexico access food. Our staff can provide information on a broad range of programs and services needed by people facing hunger in our communities.

For the Food Referral Line in Northern New Mexico call: 505-349-5340

For the Food Referral Line in Southern New Mexico call: 575-523-4390

For Food Referrals ONLINE: Click Hereand visit the Get Help Now section

SNAP Outreach Program in Albuquerque Metro Area:
505-349-8833 or email Jason@rrfb.org

SNAP Outreach Program in Southern New Mexico:
575-523-4390 or email Jessica.Morris@rrfb.org

Other Resources and Services in New Mexico

Roadrunner Food Bank recognizes that if you need help with food, you may also need help with other resources. We have provided a list of additional resources in New Mexico you may want to contact:

  • NM Human Services Dept. – Income Support Division – 505-827-7250
  • NM Human Services Dept. – EBT Customer Service – 800-283-4465
  • NM Human Services Dept. – Medicaid Client Services – 888-997-2583
  • Summer Food Service Program – 800-328-2665
  • United Way of Central New Mexico – Dial 2-1-1 or call 505-245-1735
  • United Way of Southwest New Mexico – 575-524-7591
  • Women Infant and Children’s Program (WIC) – visit www.nmwic.org

Contact Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico today for information on a food assistance programs in your area.  Help us solve hunger in New Mexico today.

To receive information on food assistance programs or receive a food referral in the State of New Mexico, contact Roadrunner Food Bank.
Call 505-247-2052 in the Albuquerque area.
Call 575-323-4390 in the Las Cruces area.

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