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Ways to Donate to Roadrunner Food Bank

We help 70,000 people in New Mexico put food on the table for their family every week—and the need for assistance is growing. All over New Mexico, people who are struggling with hunger rely on our services for help. Every donation that we receive helps those who need it the most.

Food Drives, Online Donations and Volunteer Opportunities at Roadrunner Food Bank

At Roadrunner Food Bank, no contribution is too large or too small—every dollar really does count. For every dollar we receive, we are able to distribute five meals. We have use for every donation. You can donate:

Help us help hungry New Mexicans solve hunger today.

Get Started Today

Roadrunner Food Bank has volunteer opportunities and other ways that you can contribute to our hunger relief efforts. Contact us today to get started! Whether you are setting up a recurring donation or hosting a food drive at your organization, we’ll make it as easy as possible to do!

Looking for more ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

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