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Stamp Out Hunger

On the second Saturday in May, the National Association of Letter Carriers and the Rural Letter Carriers Association host the largest national food drive in the United States. The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is hosted in communities throughout the US.

In Albuquerque, the food collected through the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive benefits Roadrunner Food Bank.  During the second Saturday in May, we encourage community members to leave out a bag of non-perishable food at their mailboxes as donations to help feed New Mexico’s hungry.  Letter carriers will pick up any food donations left at mailboxes.  The food donations are brought to 11 different post offices from their routes where volunteers and staff begin sorting the food on the dock and load t into trailers destined for the Food Bank that same Saturday night.

The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is very important to our supply of available food.  In the spring, our food supplies are typically lower and with continuing increased demand for food.  Plus, since school is almost out, hunger increases over the summer months for children as they no longer have access to the free/reduced school breakfast and lunch program.  Our programs and partner agencies need more food to feed the increased number of hungry people and families.

Please consider leaving out a bag or two bags filled with non-perishable food.  If you are worried about missing your letter carrier, bring the food prior to the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive directly to Roadrunner Food Bank or to the post office.

If you don’t have time to shop, you can help another way.  Try our Online Food Drive and select grocery items we regularly need right from your computer.  Your gift allows us to distribute more than FIVE meals for every dollar given.

The 2018 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive will be held Sat., May 12th.

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