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Stocks, Securities & Mutual Funds

picture of the stocker tickerRoadrunner Food Bank gladly accepts gifts of appreciated stock or mutual fund shares, which can be claimed as a federal income tax charitable deduction.  For every $1 stock gift contribution, you can provide 5 meals to New Mexicans in need.

With the stock market current increases, your donation can likely be taken as a tax-deduction at the full market value.  The gift can result in a larger gift for the charity and likely a larger tax-deductible gift for you. By giving stock as a charitable donation, you can also likely avoid the capital-gain tax you would owe by cashing it in. Please consult with your financial advisor on the tax benefits of donating stock.

For more information on stock transfers please contact Shawna Gonzales, Chief Financial Officer by calling 505-349-8849 or use the information below to transfer stock to Roadrunner Food Bank:

Contra Firm: Morgan Stanley
Registration: Roadrunner Food Bank, Inc.
ACAT/DTC: #0015
Contact: Charlie Carroll at 505.872.7305

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