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Cornucopia Society

To ensure that Roadrunner Food Bank is here to help those facing hunger now and in the future, we need friends with a vision. Friends who want to make a long-term commitment to helping solve hunger in New Mexico down the road.

One way you can do that is through a planned gift. The Cornucopia Society is a  Planned Giving program  at Roadrunner Food Bank.  It was created to recognize donors who have communicated to us that they’re leaving the Food Bank in their will, estate, trust, or other type of deferred gift.

As one of our CornuCornucopia Society Graphiccopia Society members said:

“We want to sustain the practice of giving back to those less fortunate into the future, even after we are gone. If we can help make life better for those in need, we want to do so. And including an established & well-managed organization like Roadrunner Food Bank in our estate plans makes that possible.”

– The Goodding Family

There are a variety of planned giving approaches. We encourage you to speak to your financial advisor to determine the one that best meets your needs.

As a planned giving supporter, we would be honored to list you as a member of the Cornucopia Society.  Please let us know your planned giving intentions by contacting Brian Brown at 505.349.8829 or email brian.brown@rrfb.org.

Your legacy gift will ensure Roadrunner Food Bank has the appropriate facilities, tractors,  trailers and distribution capabilities necessary to distribute food to New Mexico’s hungry by providing food.

Several donors have notified us of their planned giving intentions.  These individuals are the Founding Members of our Cornucopia Society.

Cornucopia Society Members

  • Rex and Barbara Allender
  • Perry and Beverly Bendicksen
  • Steve and Marian Ciepiela
  • Janice C. Conavay
  • Charlene M. Craighead & Anne Rosemary Davies
  • Sandy Gold
  • Peggy Piper
  • Bob Powers and Lydia Ashanin
  • William and Rebecca Tallman
  • Maryann Wasiolek
  • Becky and Bill Tallman
  • Frank Serra & Dorothy Tanable-Serra
  • Paula Steinberg
  • Julie & James Goodding
  • Regina Emma Michaelis
  • Theresa Jenkins

Thank you for considering including Roadrunner Food Bank in your estate plans. Your legacy gift is unique and will allow us to feed hungry people in the years ahead.

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