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Donate your Skills in New Mexico

Every day in New Mexico, people do their best to put food on the table for their families. Sometimes, even despite their best efforts, they aren’t able to make ends meet. High levels of unemployment and a slow economic recovery have only added to the number of people we feed every week across the state. And our Food Bank needs your help to keep up with the demand.

No Shortage of Need for Skilled Volunteers in New Mexico

Food Donations In Warehouse
  At Roadrunner Food Bank, we appreciate the skills our volunteers posses and the time they give in order to help us meet the need for our services in New Mexico. We are always looking for compassionate individuals to add to our work. Currently, we have an especially great need for volunteers who can:

    Recruit Volunteers
    We are excited that we’ve been able to expand our volunteer program over the last few years because we are able to serve more people in our community. We need people who can help us supplement our numbers by recruiting new volunteers. The more people who can help, the more food we can prep for distribution and the more people we are able to feed.

    Speak Spanish, or Other Languages
    Our community outreach programs are able to help many people, but we know we are not able to communicate with everyone who needs help. We need additional volunteers who are fluent or proficient in Spanish and other languages spoken in New Mexico. If you speak Spanish or another language, please consider donating your time so we can reach out to more people who need our services.

    Communications and Outreach
    Roadrunner Food Bank is always searching for people who are able to communicate effectively and can help give presentations in the community, help in our SNAP (food stamp) Outreach program, recruit volunteers outside the organization, write content for various uses, etc. More funding and awareness means we are able to put food on the table of more people who are going hungry all over the state.

    Of course we always need help in our warehouse too.  Volunteers help us prep food for distribution to hundreds of partner agencies and direct service programs across the state.  By contributing a minimum of two hours, you can get a great deal of food prepped for distribution.  Individuals, families, businesses, civic organizations, and any group are encouraged to schedule a time to volunteer at the Food Bank.

Contact us today to Make a Charitable Donation

The demand for help with food in New Mexico is the highest it has ever been. To meet the growing number of people that need help with food, we encourage you to make a charitable donation or volunteer your time to help fight hunger and feed hope in New Mexico. Contact us today to make a charitable donation.

Make a Donation Online Now!

Call us at 505.247.2052 in Albuquerque or 575.523.4390 in Las Cruces if you need help or for volunteer opportunities in New Mexico!

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