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Full Plate Society

Roadrunner Food Bank’s Full Plate Society is a group of individuals, civic groups, and businesses that have taken a leadership role by making a multi-year financial commitment to support the work of the Food Bank.

Members make an annual donation of $1,000 each year for five years. You can make your pledge payment yearly, monthly or quarterly by check, automatic transfer, or credit card.  Keep in mind you may designate your contribution through a United Way gift or a Combined Federal Campaign gift.

The basic giving levels are:

$1,000 a year = $5,000 total pledge Fill a Plate Level
$5,000 a year = $25,000 total pledge Fill a Family Pantry level
$10,000 a year = $50,000 total pledge Fill an Agency Pantry level
$25,000 a year = $125,000 total pledge Feed a Community level

You can pledge ANY amount of $1,000 or more a year.  Many members have made pledges that are at a different level than indicated above.

Please contact our Brian Brown at brian.brown@rrfb.org or 505.349.8829 for any questions about the Full Plate Society or to start a pledge today.  You can also download the Full Plate Society Giving Form and mail it directly to the Food Bank to set up a recurring gift.  Thanks for giving and helping us solve hunger!

View our current Full Plate Society members.

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