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Children’s Charities in New Mexico

Every day, many children in New Mexico face the possibility of going hungry. In additionPicture1 to being worried about when they might eat again, hungry children are negatively impacted.  Lack of enough food can impact a child’s behavior, school work and overall cognitive development. Making sure every child is well fed has become one of our goals at Roadrunner.

Feeding Children in New Mexico

30% of children live in poverty in New Mexico, putting them at a higher risk for going hungry. In order to feed children in our state, there are several ways Roadrunner feeds children, including through our:

Childhood Hunger Initiative
The Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI) at Roadrunner Food Bank is the evolution of our former Food For Kids (FFK) program. Through the Childhood Hunger Initiative, the Food Bank aims to feed hungry children by feeding the entire hungry family. By working with schools to provide food to families in a variety of ways, the Childhood Hunger Initiative will dramatically increase the amount of food and meals families and their children will receive to solve childhood hunger in New Mexico.

The program is designed for low-income elementary schools and their at-risk families.  It brings a combinations of hunger-relief programs to schools including traveling monthly mobile food pantries, school-based food pantries and backpacks filled with food.

Mobile Food Pantry
The Food Bank also provides food to children through our Mobile Food Pantry.  The Mobile Food Pantry brings 50 pounds of food through a traveling food pantry to both rural and urban communities. The food provides the entire family with food for about one week. Last year, more than 300,000 people, many of them children, benefited from the Mobile Food Pantry.

Network of Hundreds of Partner Agencies
Our network of Partner Agencies including food pantries, soup kitchens and other meal programs provides another source of food for children and their families too.  Last year, Roadrunner distributed nearly 30 million pounds of food to our network of partner agencies and other programs.  Many of these pounds turned into meals to feed 70,000 people weekly.

Going home to no food can impact every aspect of a child’s life. Our charity collects donations to alleviate children’s hunger around the state. Through our programs, we provide important meals to children giving them a better future with access to basic necessities such as food.

Make a Donation to our Charity to Provide Hunger Relief

Your monetary donation can provide life-changing meals for hungry children and their families through our Childhood Hunger Initiative, support for our Mobile Food Pantry, and meals distributed through our network of partner agencies to help the tens of thousands of children who experience hunger in New Mexico. Your contribution keeps our hunger relief efforts going for the children of New Mexico. Contact us today to make a donation!

Looking for ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

  • Help Roadrunner Food Bank solve hunger by making a monthly donation – set up a monthly recurring gift.
  • Receive email from the Food Bank by opting in.
  • Learn about how to volunteer at the Food Bank –  click to register
  • Learn how you can serve in other ways by visiting our Take Action Page

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