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Thanksgiving Charities: Food Drives in New Mexico

The holiday season is a time to spend time with your close friends and family to share the love you have for one another. You are able to sit around the dinner table with your family members and enjoy a meal, but every year on Thanksgiving, part of our New Mexico community does not have the ability to be able to share food with their family members. Our New Mexico Food Bank devotes our resources to helping members of our community have the opportunity to share a traditional Thanksgiving meal with those they love.

Organizing a Thanksgiving Holiday Food Drive

You have the opportunity to help someone in need put a meal on the table during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Organizing a food drive and fund drive is easy with Roadrunner Food Bank, and your charitable donation will help to feed 70,000 children, adults and seniors every week. The food you provide will give us the ability to give these families meals to share. All you have to do is get your business, community-based organization, group or faith community together to help. Then:

  • Contact Roadrunner Food Bank for support. We would be glad to give you suggestions on how to host a successful holiday food and fund drive and can provide you with food barrels and a food drive kit with helpful information.
  • Make your organization aware of your food and fund drive. You can post fliers or send a memo to let everyone know what the dates of your food and drive fund are, what kinds of food to bring and what your goal is!
  • Complete and track your food and fund drive! Make sure you are keeping track of what monetary donations you have collected as part of your food and fund drive using forms provided in your food drive kit or host the drive right from your desktop via our online food drive.
  • Deliver the food to Roadrunner Food Bank. In order to conserve our limited fuel resources and the burden on our fleet, we offer pick-up services for very large donations of food, but we would be grateful if you are willing to bring your food donation directly to our locations during our regular business hours!

Every dollar and food donation we receive helps us increase the amount of food we can distribute to hungry clients. With every dollar that Roadrunner Food Bank receives through a charity donation, we are able to distribute five meals. Organize a food and fund drive at your business, community-based organization, faith community, or school today. Contact us today for support for your food drive!

Make a Charitable Donation Online Now!
Call us at 505.247.2052 in Albuquerque or 575.523.4390 in Las Cruces for food drive information in New Mexico!

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