“Going Greener” With A Solarized Roof to Make More Meals Possible!

Drone Photo of Roadrunner Food Bank Roof Solar Array, As Of April 8th, 2016; Photo Courtesy of Affordable Solar

Drone Photo of Roadrunner Food Bank Roof Solar Array, As Of April 8th, 2016; Photo Courtesy of Affordable Solar

This past Tuesday (April 12th), Roadrunner Food Bank invited Affordable Solar and other community partners to celebrate more than six year of accomplishments in environmental stewardship.

“We are more than honored by the collaboration between Affordable Solar, National Roofing, and other community & corporate partners in creating our solarized roof array these past months,” Roadrunner Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & President Melody Wattenbarger shared at the April 12th “Going Greener” event.

“Roadrunner will save millions of dollars over the coming years in electricity costs,” Roadrunner Chief Operations Officer (COO) Teresa Johansen said, “and this means millions more in additional meals we can provide across New Mexico.”

Now, you may be asking yourselves, “How much savings will there really be?” According to estimates from Teresa Johansen and Affordable Solar staff, between 65-90 percent of Roadrunner’s energy needs should be met. Furthermore, over the projected 25-year life span of the solarized roof array, Roadrunner will save more than $2 million dollars in energy costs! Consequently, this represents more than 10 million additional meals which we can provide and start closing substantively the meal gap across New Mexico.

With more than 104,000 square feet of area on Roadrunner’s roof, Johansen also added that “Replacing this section of the roof was critical, but installing a solar array at the same time significantly impacts our long-term energy costs and use. The solar array will help supplement what we need from PNM’s (Public Service Company of New Mexico) grids and also save us additional funds for each watt generated.”

Thanks so much to Affordable Solar, Firestone, National Roofing, Unirac, the City of Albuquerque, and other community & corporate partners who have helped us innovate while providing more meals for our hungry New Mexico neighbors! To learn more about other past “Green Initiatives” at Roadrunner Food Bank, from food rescue to xeriscaping and beyond, visit our “Green Initiatives” website here.


Congratulations to Representatives from Affordable Solar & National Roofing on Winning the 2016 "Going Greener" Kermit Awards!

Congratulations to Tom Johns of  National Roofing (pictured far left) and Ryan Centerwall of Affordable Solar (pictured center) on Winning the 2016 “Going Greener” Kermit Awards! Also Featuring Roadrunner Food Bank COO Teresa Johansen (pictured far right)


Matthew “Matt” Young is the Communications Coordinator at Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. To comment on this or other blog features, you can comment directly below; call Matthew at (505) 349-8845; or e-mail Matthew at matthew.young@rrfb.org. 

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  1. Gloria Mallory says:

    We donate $500 each year to Roadrunner. I’ve just learned about Feeding America and understand that they are partners with Roadrunner. When we make our annual donation, is it possible to give the money through Feeding America to Roadrunner?

    • Hi Gloria. We are the local member of Feeding America. Since Feeding America is a separate 501c3, donations given to Feeding America directly aren’t always passed through. It depends on the promotion and the campaign. If you’d like more information, please call Sonya Warwick at 505.349.8682 or email sonya@rrfb.org.

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