Souper Bowl 2020

Join us for Souper Bowl 2020. It’s a perfect event for all “foodies.” The annual soup and dessert event brings 1,200+ people into our warehouse to enjoy the wonderful creations from local restaurants. Every year 40 restaurants participate.

Event Date: Saturday, January 25

Time: 11 am to 2 pm

Address: 5840 Office Blvd NE (at Roadrunner Food Bank)

Guests of Souper Bowl sample food to their heart’s content, vote for and select our People’s Choice winners by submitting a ballot, and have a chance to win prizes from our raffle including tickets on Southwest Airlines. Live music will entertain guests throughout the event too!

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When buying tickets online, please note:

  • Your Souper Bowl ticket purchase qualifies the ticket buyer for a FREE magazine subscription to Albuquerque the Magazine.  To receive your FREE subscription, be sure to check the box, “Yes, I’d like a free subscription to Albuquerque the Magazine,” when prompted. Checking that box allows us to provide your contact information to Albuquerque the Magazine to receive your future free subscription.
  • You will receive separate email messages. One with a receipt showing your total purchase and a separate email message with each ticket you purchased.
  • By using the “Edit Ticket Holder” button, you can send an email with the digital ticket purchased to anyone with a valid email address. It is not required to use this option.
  • If you did not use the “Edit Ticket Holder” button when buying tickets, please have your guests enter the event together.
  • All guests should check in at Will Call the day of the event.
  • Your digital tickets serve as your entry ticket into the event. Please use your digital tickets and/or name to check in at Will Call. Physical tickets WILL NOT be mailed out using our online ticket purchasing system.


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Fall Campaign to Solve Hunger

Join our Fall Campaign to Solve Hunger through the end of the year.  Your efforts help us ensure food is available in our warehouse well into 2019.  We invite you to contribute to our mission in a way that works for you, your family, or group.  From donating food items, to giving money, or volunteering, each gift helps us solve hunger.

  • Give Funds
    • We stretch your giving.  For every $1 gift, we are able to distribute 5 meals in communities across the state.  Imagine the impact your $25 gift has by providing 125 meals!  Donate through this link to help today! Or call 505.349.8909 to make a gift over the phone.
    • Smith’s hosts “Round Up for Hunger” as part of their Zero Hunger Zero Waste Campaign for food banks from Nov. 18 – Feb. 2.  Your donation at Smith’s Food and Drug Stores helps provide critical meals in New Mexico!
  • Give Food
    • On Sat., Nov. 16, we encourage you to participate in the annual Letter Carriers Food Drive.  Simply fill a bag with non-perishable food and leave it near your mailbox.
    • If you are hosting a food drive in your school, faith community or business, visit our food drive web page for helpful food drive tips.
    • Contact or call 505.349.8909 with any questions.
  • Give Time – Your gift of time ensures we can prep food being sent out to communities across the state.  Sign up for a 2-hour shift or more using our online appointment scheduling system.  Visit our volunteer page for volunteer hours, and information about bringing children to volunteer.

There are lots of other ways to get involved and help this holiday season.  Sign up to receive updates by email here or read our Roadrunner Roundup newsletter for more ways to get involved. Thanks for continuing to help us solve hunger for the 70,000 people in our state struggling to put food on the table.

A special thanks to the following partners for helping raise awareness about how to get involved with us this giving season:

Sponsor Logos

Mattress Campaign Helps Solve Hunger

American Home Furniture and Mattress is taking action to help solve hunger this fall. Between now and December 1st, a purchase of mattress will generate a donation back to Roadrunner Food Bank.

  • A $25 donation will be made by American Home for any mattress valued at $999 to $1,999
  • A $50 donation for any mattress valued at $2,000 and up

And, American Home will enter you to win your mattress for free. Every week between now and December, American Home will give away a mattress.

Visit their website for more details.

Sophia’s Brown Bag Lunch

Sophia sits with her brown paper lunch bag on her lap. She watches as her classmates open their own lunches and  dive into sandwiches, salads, apples  and drinks.

How come you’re not eating, Sophia?” a little girl asks. “I’m not that hungry,” Sophia answers.

Ten days later, the same scene. Sophia says she isn’t hungry. Her brown paper lunch bag sits on her lap, unopened. A caring teacher takes Sophia aside to coax her to eat.

She opens Sophia’s lunch bag … and is heartbroken to see what’s inside.

A crumpled ball of newspaper.

Sophia had put it in the bag to make it look like there was food inside. Her family was going through tough times and food was scarce. She was too ashamed to admit she had no lunch.

Roadrunner Food Bank works year-round to make sure our community’s children have enough nutritious food to help their bodies and minds grow up strong and healthy. But we can’t do it without you. Help a child like Sophia grow today and you’ll help ensure a better, brighter tomorrow for everyone.


Map the Meal Gap Released in May

Roadrunner® Food Bank of New Mexico announced the release of Map the Meal Gap 2019, the latest report by Feeding America® on hunger and the cost of food at both the county and congressional district level. Currently, it is the only study that provides food insecurity data at the county level.

Map the Meal Gap 2019 revealed that New Mexico ranks among the worst in the nation for childhood hunger. One in four children is at risk, or 24.1 percent.  Additionally, it shows 15.8 percent or 324,000 people in New Mexico are at-risk of hunger.

Map the Meal Gap confirms that hunger exists in every county in Roadrunner Food Bank’s service area. Hunger rates range from a low of 9.3 percent of the overall population in Guadalupe County up to 26 percent of the overall population in McKinley County for the overall population. Nationwide, the average hunger rate across all counties is 12.5 percent. New Mexico ranks sixth worst among all states when looking at the entire overall population.

In New Mexico, children are much worse off and more likely to experience hunger compared to the overall population in the state and across the U.S.  Rates in the state range from a low of 17.1 percent of children at-risk of hunger in Los Alamos County to a high of 33.5 percent of children at-risk of hunger in McKinley County. The national hunger rate for children is 17 percent.  New Mexico has nearly twice the childhood hunger rate compared to the national hunger rate in the U.S.

The analysis also finds that a percentage of New Mexicans in food insecure households are likely to be ineligible for federal nutrition assistance. Under current program requirements, many low-income households make a little much to qualify for programs such as SNAP (food stamps). These households must rely heavily on charitable food assistance programs like Roadrunner’s statewide hunger relief network.

“Federal nutrition programs provide an important source of meals for those with extremely low-incomes in our state.  However, many fall into a gap.  On paper these households technically are still in poverty, but make just a little too much to qualify for SNAP benefits.  If they do qualify, it may only be a small amount,” said Mag Strittmatter, president and CEO of Roadrunner Food Bank. “The households in this gap are often the most food insecure and count on charitable food assistance programs. There is no other resource for these family to turn to for help, and our statewide charitable hunger network provides the emergency food they need to for their family to escape hunger.”

Top Five New Mexico Counties for Child Hunger                                          

  • McKinley County – 33.5 percent
  • Luna County – 33.4 percent
  • Cibola County – 30.4 percent
  • Catron County – 30.4 percent
  • Sierra County – 27.8 percent

Top Five New Mexico Counties for Overall Hunger

  • McKinley County – 26 percent
  • Luna County – 20.7 percent
  • Cibola County – 19.8 percent
  • San Juan County – 19.6 percent
  • Sierra County – 19 percent

For more information about Map the Meal Gap visit this interactive map. Additional resources can be found via Tableau Public.  McKinley County is featured in this visualization of counties with high food insecurity.

Donate Your Old Car and Help Feed Others

There’s a brand new way to help feed New Mexicans in need — and at the same time support Roadrunner Food Bank’s mission to solve hunger! Donate your old or used vehicle and turn it into food to feed others in your community.

We accept all types of vehicles as donations: cars, motorcycles, tractors, RVs, trailers – even boats! It doesn’t even matter whether they’re running or not. We’ll take them! Plus, you may qualify for a tax deduction on your vehicle donation.

And donating your vehicle couldn’t be easier. Simply call us at 855-500-7433 or visit us at — and we take everything from there.

We’ll arrange a convenient time around your schedule to pick the vehicle up, notify you when your vehicle has been sold, and send you a formal tax receipt letter.

And in the meantime, you can rest assured your generosity has already been put to work to help feed your hungry neighbors.

Turn your old car into food for others!

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