Every Gift Makes a Difference

Teresa lives in a typical house on a typical street in New Mexico. The difference between Teresa and many children is that she often goes to bed hungry because her mom is out of work and struggling. Food has become a luxury item for their family.

It’s heartbreaking that children like Teresa live with hunger. Roadrunner Food Bank works every day to supply nourishing food to children, families and seniors in need.

But every single gift makes a difference.

Your gift today brings fresh and nutritious food to 70,000 people every single week. Many are children like Teresa who count on our help and yours, too.

For every $10 donated, we can provide 50 nutritious meals. Fill out the form on the back or donate online at http://www.rrfb.org/teresa

Thank you!


App Connects People to Help throughout NM

Use our FREE app to find help with food in your community. The app shows most of our food distribution points across the state of New Mexico. The Food Bank serves as a distribution hub and provides food to hundreds of affiliated partners around the state including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, regional food banks and other meal and hunger-relief programs.  Roadrunner also distributes food through its own specialized programs helping children, families, and seniors through food distribution sites at schools, low-income seniors housing sites and senior centers.

Through this statewide hunger-relief network, we are helping 70,000 hungry people in our state weekly.  If you need help with food you can download the FREE app on GooglePlay and iOS.

– www.rrfb.org/googleplay
– www.rrfb.org/apple

The app also provides FREE information on obtaining help to apply for SNAP (food stamp) benefits, transportation in main metro areas, discounts on prescription medication, how to volunteer and how to connect with us on social media.

If you have questions about the app, call 505.349.8682 or email info@rrfb.org.


Map the Meal Gap 2016 & What It Means For New Mexico

Did you know that more than 358,000 people across New Mexico don’t know where their next meal will come from?

This is just one of the latest findings from the Map the Meal Gap 2016 study prepared by Feeding America and its nationwide partners. While the national food insecurity rate now rests at 15 percent (i.e. 1 in 7 people nationwide don’t know where their next meal will come from), New Mexico’s food insecurity rate lies above 17 percent. Furthermore, New Mexico now holds the 2nd highest rate of childhood hunger in the country.

While sobering to read these findings, we also find more than enough motivation to step up our efforts to solve hunger across New Mexico! Every pound of food you give, every volunteer hour you give, every dollar you give to us makes that much more of a difference. Remember, every $1 given to us provides five additional meals! To learn more on how you can help us solve hunger, visit us here. Thanks!


Going Greener at Roadrunner Food Bank!

In more ways than one, we at Roadrunner Food Bank are excited to find ways of “going greener” in being an environmental leader in our community!

In last couple years, we have been honored to work with Affordable Solar, National Roofing, Unirac, Firestone, the City of Albuquerque and other community and corporate partners to construct a roof-top solar array. Over the next 25 years, we anticipate the array will generate enough power to meet between 65-90% of our energy needs AND to save us more than $2 million in electricity costs. In other words, we now have enough resources saved to provide an additional 10 million meals statewide!

From placing solar on our roof, to undertaking xeriscaping projects on our property, to expanding our food rescue to save more than 26.9 million pounds of food from going to waste last year, we find economic and environmental benefits in “going green” and continuing to feed our hungry New Mexico neighbors.

Below are links which show the solar array:

  • Interactive AlsoEnergy dashboard – shows the real time watts generated by the array
  • Drone Footage of Phase I showing the completion of the northern half of the roof and solar installation
  • Details about how we were able to install a new roof and solar at the same time (coming soon)

Thank you to each of our partners who helped make this possible! You have helped us continue our work in “going greener” and helping save meals for the next 25 years!

Bistro Red Wine Benefits the Food Bank

St. Clair’s Winery has released their 2012 Bistro Red wine in a unique way. The New Mexico Winery will use their 2012 Bistro Red and has pledged to donate $1 per bottle sold of its 2012 Bistro Red Wine to Roadrunner Food Bank. St. Clair hopes the funds raise during the length of this unique promotion will help us provide about 75,000 meals.

The promotion kicked off in late March at a release party held at their bistro in Albuquerque.  Maritza Gomez of St. Clair said, “Our goal was to find a charity that would ensure the donated money would be used locally. St. Clair chose to partner with the Food Bank because they are not just a city or county affiliate; their assistance spans the whole state and includes the entire spectrum of those in need including women, children, men and the elderly.”

Each of the St. Clair Winery & Bistro locations in Albuquerque, Farmington and Las Cruces will have the Bistro Red wine available for purchase. Other New Mexico grocery locations are also anticipated to stock and sell the uniquely labeled wine.

For more information on this partnership visit the St. Clair Winery & Bistro events calendar at www.stclairwinery.com/feednm.

Food Rescue – Keeping Food Out of Landfills

Many of us feel terribly guilty when we have to throw food away, and Americans toss a lot of food annually. The Environmental Protection Agency reported that in 2010 Americans threw away about 33 million tons of food.

But at Roadrunner Food Bank, we and our food industry partners have been rescuing food in Albuquerque and New Mexico for more than 30 years. What does that mean, food rescue? Food rescue is defined as, “the practice of safely retrieving edible food that would otherwise go to waste, and distributing it to those in need. The recovered food is edible, but often not saleable. Products that are past their sell by dates or are imperfect in any way are able to be donated by food industry donors.”

Roadrunner Food Bank’s Food Rescue program picks up unprepared foods weekly at 100 different locations. Food that is picked up as part of the Food Rescue Program includes items such as bakery items, meat, dairy, produce, canned goods and dry goods.

And volunteers are key to executing a successful food rescue program. Once the food arrives at the Food Bank, volunteers sort, label, box or repack food items allowing us to more quickly process and distribute food to partner agencies and through our direct service programs.

Last year, we rescued 26.9 million pounds of food. We kept it out of landfills and placed it in the hands of the nearly 70,000 people we help every week.

Recently Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the USDA will begin placing an emphasis on food rescue and encouraging Americans to participate.

Learn more about our Food Rescue Program here and see the top food industry donors participating in our Food Rescue Program.

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