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People Feeding Families in New Mexico

The recession, continued high unemployment, underemployment and low wages in New Mexico have left many families struggling to find ways to be able to put food on the table every night. Although we serve 70,000 people every week, we know there are still many people who need help with food. Our New Mexico Food Bank is working hard to maintain and expand our food assistance services and programs across the state, but we cannot do so without your help.

Organizing a Food Drive and Fund Drive

One of the best ways to support Roadrunner Food Bank is to organize a food donation drive and fund drive with your family, friends, at your school, among co-workers, at your church or faith community or through a community organization. For a successful food drive, you will need to:

Select a date(s) and location for your food drive and fund drive and start planning! If you need help, contact Roadrunner Food Bank. We are happy to help provide suggestions and a toolkit to host a successful food drive and fund drive.

Be sure to announce your food drive and fund drive to possible participants. Announce your food drive and fund drive to co-workers or group members so they know the details about the food and fund drive.  Consider sending out an e-mail, posting fliers, announcing it on your company website or during a company meeting, through your social media channels, etc. to encourage participation.  Remind and nudge possible participants frequently and encourage them to bring non-perishable items to donate and/or funds to give. For every $1 we raise, the Food Bank is able to distribute five meals into the community.

Ask us to email you our helpful food drive packet with tips on hosting a successful food and fund drive, and call us to schedule collection barrels for your use from our Las Cruces or Albuquerque locations.  Be sure to fill out the necessary barrel tracking forms so we can properly credit your organization once it arrives back to the Food Bank. Please also track any fund or monetary gifts your participants give instead of actual food items. However, please consider using our online food drive tool and host your food drive right from your computer.

Please consider bringing your food and fund drive donations directly to our branch locations during regular business hours. We are happy to pick up very large food donations at the location of your food drive. Contact us to make arrangements well in advance to coordinate a possible pick up date for the food donations.

Your contribution will help us maintain the constant food supply we need to bring and haul food all over the state!

The Need for People Feeding Families

SNAP (food stamp benefits), although renewed monthly, are not always sufficient to support a family with the all the food a family needs. Many families find that their benefits run out after only two weeks, and do not have enough money in their own budget to purchase the remaining food they need for the rest of the month.  It leaves many families hungry and without food.  Often, families must seek out and look for additional sources of food until their benefits are renewed. That’s where we come in. Help make the difficult decision between food and paying for utilities a little easier by donating time, money or food to Roadrunner Food Bank. Contact us today to donate!

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