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Feeding Hungry Children in New Mexico

A recent USDA study indicates that mild under-nutrition experienced by young children during a period of growth impacts behavior, academic performance and cognitive development. Unfortunately, more than 30% of children experience hunger in New Mexico and are at a higher risk for being under-nourished. Our New Mexico Food Bank reaches out directly to this population and with your help together we can solve hunger.

How our Food Bank is Feeding Children

Every year, Roadrunner Food Bank serves about 90,000 children in New Mexico through our partner agencies and direct service programs. We are able to help children who are experiencing hunger through:

The Food for Kids Backpack Program
At school, low-income children have access to subsidized meals at a low-cost or no cost. We noticed, however, that students were returning to school (especially after long weekends) very hungry because of a lack of food at home. With our backpack program, we provide easy-to-open snacks and ready-to-eat meals to children in low-income and at-risk families. Through this program, we provide food to nearly 3,500 children in about 45 different public schools. A gift of $45 can translates into 10 backpacks for hungry children.

Mobile Food Pantry
The Food Bank also provides food to children through our Mobile Food Pantry.  The Mobile Food Pantry brings 50 pounds of food through a traveling food pantry in both rural and urban communities. The food provides the entire family with food for about one week. Last year, 96,000 households, most of them with children, benefited from the Mobile Food Pantry.

A Network of Hundreds of Partner Agencies
Our network of Partner Agencies including food pantries, soup kitchens and other meal programs provides another source of food for children and their families too.  Last year the Food Bank distributed more than 26 million pounds of food to our network of partner agencies and other programs.  Many of these pounds turned into meals to feed nearly 40,000 people weekly, 40% are children.

Food Drives and Fund Drives
Our food drives and fund drives also provide much needed support for hungry children in New Mexico. In fact, more than 40% of the people we serve in New Mexico are children under the age of 18 who do not have enough meals at home to grow, thrive, learn and so much more. Every donated food drive item likely helped a child in a home and every gift helped provide an important meal to a child.

We would not be able to provide the food and meals without help from our community. Please donate time, money or food to our Food Bank in order to ensure food is there the moment it is needed in any New Mexico community. Contact our Food Bank today to make an online donation!

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