It Happens All the Time, All Across New Mexico

It happens all the time across New Mexico. A working family is scraping by, barely able to make ends meet. And then disaster strikes. Maybe it’s a sudden medical emergency. Maybe the family car finally gives out. Whatever the reason, a low-income family living paycheck to paycheck often has no money for food when faced with an emergency.

A startling one in six of our neighbors are living in a food-insecure home right now and are at risk of hunger. Included in that number are working-poor families, seniors and 21,000 children.

But thanks to donors like you, they can have a little help putting tomorrow’s dinner on the table. At Roadrunner Food Bank your donation helps serve families in crisis. And the number of people seeking assistance remains high. Last year, we distributed 32 million pounds of food to local nonprofit agencies that delivered items directly to people in need in their local neighborhoods and communities.

Food and other items distributed through the Food Bank have touched over 70,000 lives in New Mexico every single week.

Will you help with a gift today?

Your generosity will provide meals to neighbors needing assistance. With every $10 donated, we can help distribute 50 nutritious meals.

Together we can solve hunger.

Donate today at

Thank you!

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