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Good Samaritan Law

All donations to Roadrunner Food Bank are important including donations of food.  We receive food from individuals, groups and even companies.  Food industry donors such as manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, supermarkets and growers provide regular food donations to Roadrunner Food Bank to help us in our mission to end hunger in New Mexico.

But many are concerned about liability issues surrounding the donation of food.  To protect your food donation, a federal law was created called the Emerson Good Samaritan law which protects your donation of food from liability.  You can view the law on the USDA website.

Plus, we follow food safety regulations just like you.  You trust us with your gift of food and we in turn ensure that the food you give us is distributed safely to the hungry we serve.

Food industry donors may also want specific information about what to donate and how to donate it to us.  If you are a food industry donor, you may be interested in additional information about donating food.

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