Map the Meal Gap

New research indicates that hunger remains high in New Mexico. The Map the Meal Gap
study, performed by Feeding America, shows that 18.5% of the population in New
Mexico is experiencing hunger. Among children 28.7% are experiencing hunger.

The findings resulted from Feeding America’s “Map the Meal Gap” study, which
provides estimates on the rate of hunger at the county and congressional
district level for the entire nation. The study also looked at childhood hunger
showing that 1 out of 4 of New Mexico’s children face hunger.

A Few Study Highlights:

– In Luna County 43.6% or nearly half of all the children in the county are hungry
– Also in Luna County 27.1% of the residents are hungry and the county is ranked 10th in the US among Hispanics experiencing hunger
– In McKinley County 23.4% of the residents are experiencing hunger and the county is the 6th highest county in the US among Native Americans experiencing hunger

Learn more about the study and find county-level specific hunger information HERE.

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