Meet Ted: An Army Veteran & Roadrunner Client Meeting Needs

Meet Ted, a Northeast Albuquerque resident for over 12 years and someone who has lived a life of service for over four decades. Since serving in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, Ted has taken on odd jobs and worked through life on his veterans’ benefits and more recently, on disability benefits since his diagnosis with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other ailments. Over the last few years, though, Ted has been picking up food and distributing food to his elderly neighbors from the nearby God Cares About You food pantry in northeast Albuquerque.

“I just try to help the older folks that live near me,” Ted told us at God Cares About You earlier today. “As more people have kept coming here these past months, people have taken a liking to seeing me pull food behind this rig.” The “rig” happens to be Ted’s motorized wheelchair. On top of these efforts, Ted also works on veterans’ food and housing relief work.

Ted represents one of the hundreds of thousands of clients we serve from our Roadrunner warehouse, from which we currently serve some 70,000 people each week. This comes out to be feeding the population of the City of Santa Fe every week. Ted’s story illustrates not only the deep needs of hungry New Mexicans, but also of the deep hope in stories we hear from clients. While being bound to a motorized wheelchair and dealing with more than a few ailments, Ted still finds the conviction and the passion to go the extra mile and serve beyond his own needs.

Yet, we couldn’t help people like Ted without the generous support of people like you. As we kick off our Annual Fund Drive Against Hunger, consider that every $10 you donate gives us the opportunity to offer the equivalent of 50 nutritious meals! Such food could be for meals for hungry veterans such as Ted, but for also for our hungry families, seniors, and especially children across the state.

Thanks for living out a life of service, Ted, and thank you, our New Mexico community, for supporting us!

Matthew Young is Communications Coordinator at the Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. If you have comments or questions on this article or any article Matthew has written, you can reach him at 505.349.8845 or e-mail him at

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