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2016 SEED Conference


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WHEN:    June 9 & 10, 2016

WHERE: Nativo Lodge, Albuquerque, NM 

The 2016 SEED Conference is all about bringing New Mexico hunger relief leaders together to SEED – Succeed, Engage, Educate, and Develop.


Thank you to the sponsors who make the SEED Conference possible:





Molina Healthcare


2016 SEED Conference Session Descriptions    AND POWERPOINTS (NEW)

Kim Wheeler, United Way of Lea County – 2 Steps Forward: Empathy with Clients

When providing food assistance to clients, it is vital to think about the position of those visiting your agency. In this session, Kim Wheeler will discuss helping clients help themselves, connecting with other resources, and fostering empathy for those you serve.

2 Steps Forward PowerPoint

Angela Gonzales, Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico – Understanding & Using Nutrition Labels

In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to help clients, especially those on restricted diets, select foods that will support good health. After a crash course in reading nutrition labels, you’ll be able to compare actual nutrition labels using the skills you have learned.

Understanding & Using Nutrition Labels PowerPoint

Danny Whatley, The Rock at Noon Day – RRFB & the Faith-Based Nonprofit: Fact & Fiction

Danny Whatley works with Roadrunner Food Bank through a faith-based nonprofit. This session will provide information for other faith-based nonprofits partnering with the Food Bank regarding misunderstandings and myths about what it means to work with RRFB as a faith-based organization.

RRFB & the Faith-Based Nonprofit PowerPoint

Denise Miller, NM Farmers’ Marketing Association & Jason Riggs, RRFB SNAP Outreach Manager – Stretching SNAP Food Budgets & Improving Nutrition: Double Up Food Bucks in New Mexico

Denise Miller will be providing an overview of the Double Up Food Bucks program and how it stretches food budgets for SNAP participants, contributes to better nutrition, and supports New Mexico farmers, ranchers, and food producers. This session will explain how the program works, how to create awareness, and how to support the program. RRFB’s own Jason Riggs will also share his knowledge of SNAP outreach and the overall SNAP benefits program.

Stretching SNAP PowerPoint 1

Stretching SNAP PowerPoint 2

Benjamin Rasmussen, Southwest Center for Health Innovation/National Center for Frontier Communities – Frontier Food Policy: How One Regional Food Policy Council Works in Frontier Communities

In this session, Benjamin Rasmussen will share the impact of food policy on small, rural communities through the lens of one region of New Mexico. You’ll hear how the Southwest region addresses difficulties related to food policy and be able to take away ideas to help you community address food policy issues.

Food Policy Councils PowerPoint

Lorenzo Alba, Casa De Peregrinos – A Leap of Faith: Taking Your Agency to the Next Level

Lorenzo Alba will share the story of Casa De Peregrinos and share the strategy that allowed his agency to grow into a tremendous food assistance force. If your agency is at a crossroads and determining how you will grow, improve service, and reach more people, this session will provide guidance as you move forward.

A Leap of Faith PowerPoint

Patty Keane, Registered Dietitian, UNM Prevention Research Center – The Intersection Between Health and Hunger

It has become increasingly apparent that we must be conscious of health concerns as we provide food assistance to clients. Patty Keane will address all attendees to discuss the intersection of food insecurity and poor health.

Elma Samora, St. Vincent De Paul – Incorporating Technology to Better Serve Clients

SVDP is using practical ideas to incorporate technology in record keeping, budgeting, and food distribution. Elma Samora will present some of these solutions. If your agency is interested in using technology for cleaner records and more organized distributions, this session will provide the tools you need.

Incorporating Technology PowerPoint

Alissa Barnes, RRFB Director of Community Initiatives – FEED, SEED, & LEAD: RRFB’s Strategic Vision

Alissa Barnes will address all attendees to expand on Roadrunner Food Bank’s mission: to FEED every hungry person today, SEED partnerships that build self-sufficiency for tomorrow, and LEAD to achieve our vision of permanently ending hunger in New Mexico. You will learn how RRFB plans to move forward with this mission in the future.

FEED, SEED & LEAD PowerPoint

Wally Verdooren, RRFB Chief Development Officer – Advanced Fundraising

If your agency already has a fundraising plan and is ready to upgrade it, this session will be beneficial to you. Wally Verdooren will share some of the tactics that make fundraising more successful after you have established the basics.

Tabatha Bennett, RRFB Community Programs Manager – Bilateral Referral Process

As the conversation of community partnerships and healthcare resources continues to grow, partnerships that include bilateral referrals are valuable to food assistance agencies and healthcare providers. In this session, Tabatha Bennett will share how agencies can build bilateral referral processes and discuss how RRFB does this through the Healthy Foods Center.

Bilateral Referral PowerPoint

Dr. Lois Stanford, La Semilla, and NMSU Students – Community Engagement to Address Food Justice: A Collaborative Partnership Between NMSU & La Semilla Food Center

This session will cover academic-community collaborations and how to build long-term relationships to address long-term community problems. Dr. Lois Stanford, La Semilla, and the NMSU students will share specific projects developed in a community engagement class supporting a local food justice project.

Frank and Elizabeth Potter, Nicole Martinez, Christy Ortiz, & Beth Cox – Community Collaborations

This panel comprises members of the Lincoln County Collaboration, the Community of Hope, and the Hidalgo County Food Coalition. You will hear best practices to form collaborations and work with other agencies in your community to best serve your clients.

Dr. Veronica Garcia, NM Voices for Children – Advocacy

If your agency has an interest in advocating for policy change, especially in regards to solving childhood food insecurity, Dr. Veronica Garcia will share her vision for a hunger-free New Mexico through advocacy.

Advocacy PowerPoint

Katy Anderson, Shannon Adragna, & Emily Williams, RRFB Staff Members – Grants 101

Grant writing requires great detail and organization. In this session, Katy Anderson, Shannon Adragna, and Emily Williams will share different aspects of grant writing and provide pointers in how to approach grants for your agency.

Grants 101 PowerPoint

Grants 101 – Demographic Data Organization

Bryan Vigil, Stephanie Sanchez, & Tim Rusk, RRFB Staff Members – Operations Panel

Roadrunner Food Bank has an outstanding Operations team that ensures your agency receives food for distribution. This panel will discuss the day to day responsibilities and tasks carried out by the Operations team and give you a fuller picture of the Food Bank as a whole.

Ops Panel PowerPoint

Sonya Warwick, RRFB Communications Officer – Advocacy 101

If your agency is beginning to approach advocacy efforts to fight hunger, this session will give you some of the building blocks needed to work on policy change.

United Healthcare

A representative from United Healthcare will be offering a session to discuss what services they provide and the important connection between healthcare providers and food pantries.

Medicare 101 PowerPoint



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