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Online Shopping Information

Track My Order:

RRFB is now using routing software to accurately track all of our delivery and pickup routes. This allows us to provide our partner agencies with a real time arrival data. Please access this tool by logging into our web page www.rrfb.org. Once you have logged in using your partner agency Username, Password, and Agency/Program code select “Track My Order” under the “Partner Agency Menu” on the left side of the screen. You may view your delivery time as early as 4:00pm the day before your scheduled delivery. This information will automatically update when the driver starts his route. If you have any questions please call the Ops  Line at 505-349-5352.

New Ordering Window

Agencies are only allowed one order per agency per delivery date.  Agencies can enter an order seven (7) calendar days prior to their scheduled delivery date.  Once an online order is received, agencies may make additions and deletions to that order until 10:00am, one (1) business day prior to a scheduled delivery date.

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